13 : Angelic

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Jake Johnson, captain of the basketball team, rich playboy, was feeling up my Gracie.

And what did I get in return for protecting her, a time out.


I got a fucking time out from Gracie, what in the fuck is this girl doing to me.

After I walked in from a good practice and went into the kitchen and saw a coat lying on our counter my good mood was immediately gone.

Watching Gracie invite Jake to her room even if it was just for a project made me want to kill that prick.

And that all happened last night.

So this morning I get to take out all my anger out on the rink.

"Yo cap chill" one of our freshman's on the team say after I knock him into he sideboards the fourth time today.

"What's got you so pent up" Joey one of our Defense ask me

"Nothing" I grit my teeth

"Bullshit" he says

"It's Gracie, she brought a guy back last night because of a project" Archie says skating towards us, I glare at him so hard and pray to the gods that JJ isn't around to hear this right now, because even though I have more power over him, he trust me and trusts me to respect him.

"Shut up asshole" I say turning my attention back to the drills

"Someone has a crush" Ed chimes in

"No I fucking don't"

"If you don't then does that mean that I can ask her out, she's fucking gorgeous" Nathan says also chiming in, oh my fucking god.

A bunch of the guys whistle or nod about how sexy she is, and I immediately want to bench half my team for talking or even looking at her.

"No JJ doesn't want anyone going near her" I say making excuses

"Yeah right" he storms off angrily which earns a smile on my lips.


"Did you fuck him?" JJ says staring at Gracie and I spit out half of my coffee from the startling question, we came back from practice thirty minutes ago and I came back with bruises all around my collarbone but Gracie just woke up. What makes the question worse is that she takes a second to fucking answer, I swear to god if he touched her.

"No JJ, I told you we are doing a project together"
"Not another word" she points a finger at JJ who was about to retaliate.

She makes herself a coffee and sits next to me on the counter, she's wearing flannel pants with a tank top on that doesn't do well on covering her cleavage because as she leans over to reach something I have a perfect view of her tits and oh Jesus, I only snap at of it once I catch JJ sternly glaring at me.

I clear my throat and go back to my phone trying my hardest to distract myself from the angelic fucking girl next to me.

"How was practice?" She asks us

"Good, Logan got seriously bruised and cut though" Archie says coming into the kitchen,

"Really?! You okay" Gracie's worries eyes turn to me and she looks so fucking adorable.

"Yeah, no need to worry babydoll" I say winking at her which earns a huff from JJ,

"You sure? I have some stuff in my bathroom to help." she asks me looking so fucking cute for a moment I just stare at her, admiring her, until she raises an eyebrow at me, so I immediately nod not knowing what else to do.

"Come with me" she says taking my cold hand in her warm one,

"He's fine" JJ says from the kitchen probably trying to stop this whole thing from happening but Gracie has already pulled us tot he top of the stairs and we can barely hear him.

She closes the door to the bathroom and I am suddenly very aware of our height difference, me being 6'3 and her being 5'6 make a pretty big gap between us, causing her to sit on the counter of the sink while looking for something in a box of medical stuff.

She ties her hair back into a bun and she looks so beautiful I can't help but smile,

"What?" She asks noticing my smile

"Nothing" I say continuing smiling and when I see a blush creep onto her face I smile more knowing the effect I have on her.

"Where's the bruises?" She asks calmly


"Oh. Um."
"You might need to take your shirt off" she turns even pinker

"If you want to see my naked, you just have to ask baby" I tease her in which I get a shove from her but she doesn't even look in my eyes at all, cute.

I take my shirt off revealing the body I have worked so hard for and all the bruises and cuts on it.

She dabs a towel with water and presses it to a cut near my neck slowly dabbing it, the position feels intimate, too intimate for friends.

She then gets some alcohol wipes and leans forward a lot to try and clean it,

"Open your legs" I say patting her thighs, she looks startled at what I said as her cheeks go pink, but she does as said and opens her legs allowing me to stand in between.

"Easier for you" I justify

She nods and brings the alcohol wipe up to clean the bruise and as soon as it does a stinging pain soars through me, and I grab her waist on instinct.

I immediately realise what I did and quickly take them away, she looks at me for a moment before taking my hands and placing them back on her waist. I allow my hands to relax against them, the dip of her hips fitting perfectly in the palms of my hand.

"Easier for you" she justifies mocking me, I smile at her as she continues.

She finishes cleaning all the cuts and bruises and packs everything away but we don't leave the position we are in.

When she's done cleaning up she stares back at me and god I have never felt so vulnerable in my life.

I rub circles on her hip as she relaxes against me,

"Hi Gracie" I breathe out slowly
"Hi wessie" she smiles up at me.
"You have nice abs" she pokes me abs causing me to chuckle a bit

"YO ARE YOU GUYS DONE" JJ says from outside banging on the bathroom door, I groan knowing he just ruined a moment.

Gracie immediately snaps out of whatever we just had and stands up and straightens herself before going to open the door, I stand behind her completely unaware I don't have a T shirt on.

"West where the fuck is your tshirt" JJ says growling at me

"It's-" I start before gracie cuts me off

"You told me his cuts were on his collarbone, I couldn't clean his cuts if his tshirt is on. God JJ nothing happened" Gracie says annoyed at JJ while walking under him to go back to her room but before she leaves she give me one last small smile.

"Nothing happened man" I say while putting my tshirt on.

"You sure?" He asks me

Unless you count me in between her legs and my hands on her waist something than yeah something happend.

"Yeah I'm sure" I lie

I walk out of the bathroom patting JJ on the back hard, payback bitch.

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