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"This is a friendly right? It doesn't really matter if they win or not?" Lizzie says from next to me as we find our seats in the stadium.

"It is a friendly but it's more about the reputation you get from the win" I say while shrugging, I notice Emma jumping up and down right by the boards and waving to us so I lead us over to her.

"Hiii, this is my friend Lizzie, Lizzie this is Emma who is Ed's girlfriend" I introduce them to each other,

"It's so nice to meet you" Lizzie says flashing her charming smile, I'm pretty sure that she turned about one hundred heads when we stepped foot in here.

"You too" Emma replies

The stadium is not so crowded as it is only a friendly game but there are still mountains of people, we are sat right up against the boards with the best view.

The guys skate onto the ice initiating time for the puck drop, Logan looks over to me and flashes me a smile under his helmet and I can feel myself burning up.

"You understand what's happening?" I say nudging Lizzie's shoulder, I know she grew up in a small town but I'm pretty sure that her dad was a hockey fanatic.

"Yep, still got it drilled into my mind" she says popping the p

In the third period the score is still tied 2-2, our opponents seem to have pretty good defence. But my boyfriend finds a breakthrough, he slips in between two defence players and Carrie's the puck through, he passes it to JJ as he gets ready to speed up, JJ passes it back to him and he shoots it into the goal.

The whistle blows and I jump up and down shouting and screaming my ass off, I look next to me and see that Lizzie is doing the exact same as well as Emma.

My gaze locks onto Logan's as he skates towards me, he bangs onto the glass taking his helmet off. "I love you" he mouths at me, I kiss my hand and then place it onto the glass.

"I love you more"

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