16 : Blush

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Logan west, the playboy, is holding me up as we skate around the rink, we have been doing this for about an hour, and I don't ever want to leave, I want to stay here, with him.

"Thanks for this" I say as I try to keep my focus on skating and not the beautiful man in sweatpants and a hoodie in front of me, his sleeves are scrunched up so I am able to see his hot as fuck veins.

Distracted by staring at him I trip on a hole in the ice causing me to fall forward, just when I think I am about to hit the floor nothing happens. I open my eyes and feel a body of warmth next to my head, my arms are wrapped around a body and I look up seeing Logan look down at me smiling, his hands are tugging around my waist.

I take a step back a bit, his hands stay in place.

Someone wooshes past us and we both turn to look who the ruiner of our moment is, Joey Davis looks back to us with a proud expression on his face.

"It's nearly race time cap" he says winking at Logan who is behind me now, I turn back to him with a confused face on.

"We have a race every year at these, every time I win but they still want it have it every year"

I laugh a bit because that is so classic, he takes my hands back in his and we skate towards the bench.

"You want to stay here?" He asks

"Yeah I'll watch"
"Good luck" I say shoving him a bit.

He laughs and I turn my back walking over to the benches to sit next to Emma who to my luck recognises me.

"Gracie! It's so nice to see you again" she says waving at me to come over, her ginger hair is plaited into two braids and she is wearing a MUNI hockey hoodie that I have no doubt belongs to ed.

"You and Logan a thing now?" She asks

"What, no no" I defend a little too quickly.

"Oh sorry I just thought because the way he was looking at you just now"

I turn my head towards Logan who is by the side of the boards watching me with a smile on his face, I do a shy wave back and mouth 'hi wessie' to which he grins and winks at me.

A whistle goes off and we watch as all the boys on the hockey team race off, to no surprise Logan is in the lead he is far ahead of everyone else, as he is close to the end he looks in my direction and waves and mouths 'hi Gracie' I can't help the smile let out, I know I am probably blushing so hard right now but I can't help it.

Logan wins to no ones surprise and after everyone is done teasing or congratulating him he walks over to me, I'm leaned against the doorway frame Emma talking to me but I haven't listened to a thing she has said this whole time.

He makes his way over to us and Emma immediately notices,

"Hi Logan, um I should go kiss ed or something" she says walking off.

"Where's my congratulatory kiss" he says pouting

"I think JJ is looking at us" I say laughing at him

"Who said it had to be on my lips" he says pointing to his cheeks

I chuckle at his cockiness before going on my tiptoes and press a kiss to his cheek, I look back at him and see a slight blush on his cheeks.

I made Logan west blush.

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