24 : Tears

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Being called an mistake is not something anyone wants to be called.

That happened a week ago and I have been avoiding Logan ever since, for the first three days he has been trying to talk to me but I just continued to shut him down. Which gave me real deja vu from when it was my first time hating on Logan west.

So now I am in the living room watching tv on a Friday night because I am still too embarrassed to leave. The guys are at practice and I have the house too myself for I don't know how long since I never asked.

In the middle of watching - the devil wears Prada - which I'm not really watching since I am in a light sleep, the door barges open.

"Nice practice cap" someone says from the other room,
"You were uptight tonight anything happen lately?" An annoying voice who I know belongs to JJ says,

"Nah I'm fine" a husky voice says

"Why don't you call up Ava?" JJ says,

The mention of her name immediately puts an annoying feeling of jealousy in the pit of my stomach.

"I-" Logan starts

"Look guys, there's an sleeping angel on our couch" I think Archie says

I keep my eyes closed trying to remain conscious as I hear footsteps coming into the living room.

"She's-" Archie starts
"Fucking beautiful" Logan finishes.

"Stop it you assholes" JJ says causing more heavy footsteps.

"I'll take her up" Logan says coming over to my "sleeping" body.

"I'm only agreeing to this because I am tired as fuck but if you try anything I will find you" JJ says while the footsteps drown out. 

I feel hands pick me up in bridal style and hot breath on my neck. 

"Guess he would kill me if he knew I kissed you and enjoyed it" Logan let's out a small chuckle as he talks to himself.

He enjoyed it, I try my hardest not to smile at it, instantly my mind rears back to when he called the kiss a mistake.

I can feel us walk up the stairs, I can feel it when he lays me down in my bed and I can feel it when doesn't leave my side for five minutes as he strokes my hair.

"I'm sorry Owen's, I can't give you what you deserve." He whispers as he kisses my forehead.

I can feel a tear fall down my face and once I hear the door click I let out all the tears, all the feelings I have for Logan West.

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