3 : Hangout

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It's been about a week since I moved in and I have been trying to make friends with Archie and Logan. Logan has been an ass to me and shutting me down whenever I try and make small talk but on the other nicer hand I clicked fast with Archie and we became close, so close in fact that instead of doing my essay for my English class I am in Archie's room helping him pick out an outfit for his date tonight, which I have learned is his fourth one in two weeks.

"This?" Archie questions me after I told him to put jeans and a dress shirt on,

"Yes, you've got to make it casual like your not too eager to get her in your bed tonight"

"Ha Ha" Archie replies back

I stand up and make my way over to him putting my hands on his shoulders and turn him around to face me, which doesn't really work they way I want too because he still towers over me at 6'1.

"Your outfit is fine, just go out their and show her your charming smile" I wink at him, before he gets to respond the door to his bedroom flys open.

Logan walks into the room but stops when he sees me and instantly drops his normal face into a scowl.

"Hello to you too Wessie" I say with a smile on my face,

"Don't call me that"
"What are you two doing?"

"Getting me ready for a date" Archie replies
"Now both of you shoo" he pushes me out of the room resulting in my back being flushed against Logan's front, and I can already feel the blush that's creeping onto my cheeks.

Why the fuck are you blushing over this guy?
Seriously Gracie.

To steady myself Logan places his hands on my waist which I bet makes my face look like a tomato, I spin around hoping that my blush is gone.

Logan looks down at me with an eyebrow raised,
"Are you blushing?" He asks me with an evil grin on his face,

"No" I shove his hands off my waist and look back up at him and place a scowl on me face in which he just continues to grin at me, which I can't deny is very fucking attractive.

"JJ wanted me to tell you that some guys from the team are here" he says with an uninterested expression on his face.

"Yeah thanks" I say walking around him trying to get back to my room and preferably lock myself in it,

"The pizzas coming in ten" he calls to me at the stairs.


After about five minutes since JJ called me down for the pizza I take the courage and find myself walking down the stairs in a hoodie and grey shorts. As I make my way to the living room/kitchen I spot JJ talking with a guy at the counter who looks like a sophomore at least, I give JJ a smile and make my way to where the pizza is situated on the living room.

When I enter I see four guys slumped around the couch and chairs, one of those guys being Logan. I sit myself on the couch next to Logan and take a slice of pizza.

"What?" I ask Logan as he continues to just stare at me.

"Nothing" he shrugs

"Thanks wessie" I grin as he immediately swivels his head back to me, glaring at me.

I hear the other guys laugh and my attention goes back to the other three guys in our living room, "you two a couple?" One guy asks with brunette hair and a stubby beard.

I nearly choke on my food and Logan goes wide eye,

"Nope, no way. Not with that manwhore" I say with a disgusted look on my face.

"Thanks for the compliment" Logan says in which I reply by just smiling at him.

"I'm Gracie, JJ, Archie and Logan's roommate" i says my attention goes back to the group of three hockey players.

"Nathan Marks, forward. You single?" he says

"Very, but I don't go for hockey boys" I snicker at him

"Ed Brookes, D-man" another brunette says
"Joey Davis, D-man" a blonde says

"You coming to a game Gracie" Nathan says winking at me

"No, no she's not" Logan says cutting me off, I give him a weird look but brush it off.

Around seven the guys start to leave and I say goodbye to each one, for hockey players they are actually really nice.

Once they leave I walk back to the couch with JJ not too far behind, Logan went back to his room as soon as the guys left but we weren't tired so we just watched some tv.

In the middle of our show someone continuously knocks on our door aggressively.

"JJ get it"


"What if it's like a big scary man here to kidnap me"

"Fuck off"

Losing that argument I walk towards the door and when I open it there is a blonde not much shorter than me in an outfit that is definitely not fit for September weather.

Oh dear god, here we go.

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