43 : Morning

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I wake up in a warm hug, the light is spilling in through Logan's curtains. His hand is stroking my bare back, he stops for a moment before attempting to sit up, I pull him closer enveloping myself in his warmth.

"Baby, I'm just going to make you food" he whispers while kissing my hair,

"Mmmm" I hum into his chest

"Can I go make you food beautiful"

"Mkay boyfriend" I let him go just a bit so he is able to escape my grip.

"I love you girlfriend" he says kissing my forehead

"I love you too, now go make me food" I say turning back around to look away from the light.

I slowly make myself get up after sleeping for another twenty minutes, I walk over to Logan's bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and lets just say that I don't look great. I fix myself the best I can before making my way downstairs, as I come into view of the kitchen I see JJ and Logan laughing with each other.

I walk over to Logan wrapping my arms around him as he pulls me closer to him kissing the top of my head,

"Morning" I greet JJ while Logan passes me his mug of coffee,

"Just because I'm not mad at you guys anymore doesn't mean you can be so PDA around me" JJ says making a face at us, I let out a sleepy laugh and look up at Logan who is scowling at JJ.

"So you guys are together now?" JJ asks sipping his coffee, I let out a yawn as I snuggle closer into Logan.

"Like boyfriend and girlfriend?" JJ continues asking, I nod my head and Logan kisses the top of it.

"Yeah" Logan answers

"Never thought I would see the day" JJ remarks, I let out another sleepy laugh.

"Baby why are you laughing that" Logan asks looking down at me pouting, I lean on my tiptoes and press a gentle kiss onto his lips, placing my hands onto his chest.

"Sorry" I say not letting go of Logan as he smiles down at me.

"Ew, get a grip guys."

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