11 : Off limits

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"Can you pass me my bottle Logan" Gracie says noding her head in the direction of the her water bottle in the middle of the table, I lean forward to grab it and gently throw it towards her on her way out the door.

"Thanks wessie" she says smiling at me which I return with a wink,

"I'll see you guys later, I've got to get to class now. Bye" Gracie addresses me and JJ who is slumped on the chair next to me with his head on the table, lazily bringing his hand up to wave her goodbye.

Before she leaves I let my eyes roam her, she is wearing a short floral pink dress that makes her look so fucking adorable, I don't think she has any make up on but her face is glowing, her hair is let loose around her back and I don't think I have ever seen a prettier sight.

Since me and Gracie's truce two days ago things have been going surprisingly well, when I get home from training she willingly lets me hog the tv and sometimes if I'm lucky she comes join. I don't have feelings for Gracie, I'm just attracted to her.

"Dude no" JJ says finally bringing his head up from the table to glare at me after the door closes and Gracie leaves.

"What?" I ask him because I have no idea what this idiot says half the time.

"Gracie is a hard off limits, she is literally my sister" he says still glaring at me,

"Not biologically" I mutter under my breath before he raises his hand and smacks my head with it,

"I could get you benched for three games for that, or did you forget I'm your captain." Rubbing the back of my head where he hit it.

"Captain or not it's respect man, I said no. She deserves a lot, you don't know her like I do. Growing up she use to always think of herself as a second choice, it took years for me to prove to her she was always my first choice and then for a hockey dude in high school to come and rip her confidence away from her." He lectures me

Gracie dated a hockey guy in high school? The though makes me clench my fists but I quickly detangle them when I notice JJ's expression.

"The point is she doesn't need another hockey dude coming along and proving the point that hockey means more and she will just be a second choice, she deserves more man. So stop looking at her like that, off limits." Giving me a stern expression, still looking at me.

I nod but my insides are dying right now and I don't know why, I'm attracted to Gracie I admit that but I don't like her so why does the thought of not being able to be with her make me feel uneasy.

"I'm guessing because of the way you looked her like you wanted to kiss her that the anger between you two is gone" JJ says getting up to get water so casually like he didn't just give me a whole ass lecture and threaten me.

"Bro TMI" I say
"And yes we're friends" I say turning back to the work on my computer.

"Keep it that way, I love you bro but if I had to choose between you and her. It would be her every single time."
"And I swear to god I don't care if your my captain if you touch her I am going to kill you" JJ says coming back to flick my head again. 

"Give this talk to Archie yet" I say trying to act nonchalant

"Yep, last week when he tried to get handsy with her" I nearly burst out with rage, because what the fuck.

"Anyway see you later asshole, can you order some dinner" JJ says strutting up the stairs while putting his headphones in lip syncing whatever he is listening to.

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