6 : Johnson

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Attractive asshole.

If I could describe Logan west in two words that would be it, attractive asshole.

It's been about a month since the whole thing and I haven't seen him around much I think it's just me doing the avoiding, for the first week he would try and come up to me and apologise but I just shut him out.

I took enough from him and that was my breaking point, I didn't even know why he didn't like me, he didn't even have a reason himself.

Sitting in my journalism class at the back row allows me to let my mind wander even though my professor is rambling on some stupid important stuff at nine fucking pm.

Seriously what could be so important so late, letting myself doodle in my notebook I take my mind back to Logan. His stupid attractive hair, and stupid attractive face make it hard for me to scowl at him for so long so my conclusion was to just avoid him like the plague.

With him being at hockey practice and me having classes I haven't seen him in four days even though he lives five feet away.

"Gracie would you like to recap to the class the conclusion of my statement" my professor asks me with an annoying look on his face as I snap my head up noticing all eyes on me, oh fuck.

When I am about to answer saying I don't know the guy next to me nudges me with his elbow slipping me a note that contains what was said.

"We have to complete our partner project by next week." I say with full confidence, the professor states at me for a moment longer before dismissing the class, I look to my right and am met with a smiling brunette, his hair is neat and tidy, he's tall probably six foot, his muscular, but he is not nearly as attractive as Logan. What the fuck. Did I just compare this guy to Logan. Shut up.

"Thank you for saving me" I say meeting him back with a wide smile as I tan my bag and make my way down the stairs with him following suit.

"No problem, what's your name?" He asks opening the door for me, wow.

"Gracie Owen's , I'm taking journalism and English. What about you"

"Jake Johnson, journalism is a spare class, I play basketball so hopefully the future awaits the NBA" he says while laughing, not gonna lie he's cute.

"Are you a Sophomore?" He asks as we walk out of the main building towards pick up because hopefully if JJ didn't forget he is picking me up.

"No junior, you?"


When I am about to ask another question I get interrupted by the sound of a horn, we both snap our heads to see where the noise came from and am met with a very familiar Audi with a very irritating familiar driver.

"Gracie get in" Logan says looking slightly irritated.

I roll my eyes "where's JJ?"

"He couldn't make it, hurry up I'm holding up traffic"

"I'm sorry I have to deal with this, I will see you next class?" I say turning back to Jake

"About that, do you want to be partners for the project?" He says nervously

"Yeah of course, here I will just give you my number" I say as he passes me his phone so I can put my number in,

"Boyfriend?" He says pointing in Logan's direction making me look up from his phone,

"No way just roommates unfortunately, he is one of my brothers friends so we live together" I say as I pass the phone back to him.

"I'll text you" he says grinning at me


"Johnson" attractive asshole says from his car,

"West" Jake says nodding at him, waving him goodbye I march my way over to Logan planning on making his night hell.

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