10 : Truce

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As much as I would rather die than do this I would rather sit on Logan's lap then Nathan's. I make way to the other side of the car opening the door, I place myself on Logan's lap, leaning forward to not make it awkward.

"Lean back so I can put the seatbelt on" he says while groaning, I comply I lean all the way back until our body are flushed.

After he wraps the seatbelt around us he places his hands on my hips and for some reason I stay there, in the comfort of his hands, flushed against him.

"Hi Wessie"
"Hi Gracie"

I can feel his smile against the back of my head, I like it. We sit like that for the rest of the car ride, silently soaking each other in.

Later that night I'm taking my make up off in my bathroom when I hear someone knock on the door to my bedroom.

I put my hair in a low bun before walking towards the door and opening, standing in front of it is Logan with a nervous look on his face.

"I'm sorry Gracie, I'm really sorry" he starts

"For?" I question him testing if he came to his senses

"Being a dick, I'm sorry"

"It's okay I forgive you" I say smiling up at him and before I know what my body does I lean forward on my tiptoes and hug him with my arms around his neck.

He stays frozen for a second before returning the hug, I reluctantly pull back not wanting it to end.

"Truce?" Logan suggests looking down at me

"Truce" I reply while putting my pinky out for him to hook on to, our fingers stay like that and out gazes meet before I quickly pull away, why the fuck did I just do that.

"Night" Logan says

"Night wessie" I say earning a grin from him, closing the door to my room I am allowed to lay on my floor and rethink all my horrible stupid decisions.

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