19 : intresting

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At 6:58 Logan sneaks into my room, he is wearing a grey hoodie and the same sweats.

His hair is messy and he looks so fucking beautiful.

"You ready?" He says while switching my lights on revealing me in leggings and a tank top, his eyes narrow in on me and I suddenly feel self conscious under his gaze.

"You look...nice" he says his eyes roaming me.


"Okay let's go" I say heading towards my bedroom door, a hand hooks my waist pulling me back.

"Not possible Owen's, if JJ sees me go out with you he is going to kill me."
"We are going out your window" he says nodding toward my window.

"WHAT" I shout

His hand comes up to cover my mouth, and I have the urge to bite him.

"Fine" I sigh

We walk towards the window and he climbs down first, I slowly climb out of the window looking down at him on the floor.

"I won't drop you, I promise" he says looking up

I climb down and he hold my waist making sure I don't fall.

"Thanks" I say looking up at him, the dim light shades his perfect face. We stare at each other for a moment longer before he clears his throat, we walk towards his car and I stay a bit behind him, wondering what the fuck am I doing.

I connect my phone to the speaker again, playing my Favrioute songs. I turn to look at him from time to time, his eyes on the road. I allow myself to admire him, his sharp jawline and soft eyes create a contrast on his face. I smile as he flips someone off on the road.

We arrive at the rink and I get out, it's already dark out and it's quite cold, I run my hands up and down as I wait for Logan to lock his car.

He looks at me for a moment before taking off his hoodie and giving it to me, it gives me real déjà vu from the last time we were here.

I put on the hoodie because it's really fucking cold and take a second to smell it, I look up only to be met with dark hazel eyes staring at me, I give him a small shrug before walking towards the rink.

We walk into the building and as he opens the door my eyes sparkle around the rink looking at the fairy lights set around.

"Wow. Did you do this west?" I say tearing my eyes away from the beautiful sight in front of me to the beautiful man next to me.

"Yeah, do you like it?" He says worried

"I love it Logan, god thank you so much." Looking around one more time I turn towards the bag with the skates in it, I take out the ones I rented.

I lean down to tie the laces, but am intercepted with a hand on them I look to my side to see Logan kneeling down to tie my laces.

I smile a little at the action and as he looks up for a second I can see a smile creep onto his face but he looks down quickly after that, and a blush creep onto his face.


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