37 : Ability

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It's been around three weeks since me and Logan's agreement and it's honestly been amazing.

My legs are still sore from last night as I walk down the stairs of the building of my journalism class. I have my earbuds in listening to music,y hair is in a half up half down hairstyle with a ribbon, I have tights and a mini black skirt on with an off the shoulder sweater.

"Hey! Gracie!" Someone calls after me, I turn around and am met with Jake. I haven't really talked to him since the date, we have exchanged hellos but that is mainly it and also since I have something with Logan I don't really feel comfortable talking with him behind Logan's back.

"Hi Jake, how are you?" I say still walking down the stairs,

"I'm good, you?"

"Yeah same" I say, I spot Logan's car by the road and start walking towards it

"You two a thing now?" Jake says pointing his head in the direction of Logan's car,

"Nope" I say popping the p, trying to seem collected.

"Be careful Gracie, he upholds a reputation"

"I will talk to you next week" I say ignoring his words, I open Logan's passenger car door and sit inside.

"Hi" I say

"Hey" he says as he kisses my cheek
"Here" he says passing me a bouquet of flowers, he has been doing this a lot lately he also has been leaving me notes around my room

"What did he want?" He asks as he starts to drive off,

"Just school stuff" he hums at my answer, I can tell he doesn't believe it but I'm grateful he isn't pushing it.

"Where are we going?" I say after Logan misses the turn to go into our road.

"I want to take you somewhere" he says, god this guys makes me feel things and we aren't even in a relationship.

It takes around ten minutes for us to arrive in our destination, we pull up in the parking lot and walk up to the Italian restaurant. There are fairy light hung around it that are twinkling in the dark.

"You take all your flings here?" I tease Logan as we walk inside the warm restaurant.

"The ones who get on my nerves" he replies as I shove him in his rib cage.

"You trying to get in my pants Wessie?" I smirk at him as the hostess leads us to our table.

The hostess is clearly flirting with Logan right in front of me which is absurd what if I was his girlfriend, which I am not, I don't think me or him are ready for a relationship.

I spent most of the dinner trying to convince Logan that she was flirting with him but he kept shrugging it off and changing the topic which I let him because he has been really sweet.

"You don't have to pay" I say as I grab my wallet, Logan beats me too it giving me one of his scowls.

"You shouldn't pay for anything" he says casually, I can feel myself blushing so I quickly turn around pretending to be interested in something else.

"Come on" he says taking my hand in his and leading me back to his car walking side by side.

Logan makes me feel safe, he makes me feel respected, powerful, loved which is why I am certain I want to do what I say next.

"I want to have sex with you" I say as we get in the car, Logan's head snaps towards me.

"Are you sure? You don't have to feel pressured because I brought you here, this was just for fun" he says trying to reassure me.

"Logan, I'm sure" I say cupping his face in my hands, I place a kiss on his jaw before returning to my seat.


I cornered Logan with kisses as soon as we got in my room, JJ is out somewhere and Archie is in the living room so there is a very low chance they will hear us.

I lean Logan down onto my bed, his kisses are hot and full of need, our clothes come off in an instant and he rolls on a condom.

"Are you sure? You can back down at any time I won't be mad" Logan asks, I want to slap him because there is nothing I am more sure about than this.

"Logan, I'm so sure now hurry up" I say, he huffs out a laugh before positioning us. I tilt my head back in pleasure from the friction.

"Your so beautiful baby." Logan says before he takes my ability to walk.

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