4 : Get better taste

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"Who are you?" The extremely caked blonde asks me, her voice is toned with attitude.

"Who are you?" I ask back

"What are you doing here?" She continues to interrogate me in my shared house
"Are you one of their whores" my jaw literally drops because whattt.

She comes to my shared house and demands to knows who I am and then calls me a whore, what is wrong with this girl.

"Look in the mirror if you want to see a whore" I shout at her,

"What the fuck, you slut" she becomes more aggravated

"You better watch your fucking mouth" I say closing the door, but it doesn't close fully because the prick put her foot in between it to stop it, but In doing so her head slammed against the door and so the wailing began.

I rolled my eyes at her act,

"Logan, LOGAN" she begun to call out, and of course she would belong to Logan.

Due to her much exaggerated performance JJ comes to the doorway,

"Ava what the fuck" JJ says, of course she's an Ava

I feel the temperature of my body heat up as I feel Logan behind me inches away,

"Logan, this girl just assaulted me" she wails and I scoff at her

"I didn't touch you, you chose to ram yourself into the door while it was closing and then proceeded to call me a slut."

She glares at me and before I can blink, she slaps me. She fucking slaps me.

Before I have time to retaliate I am pulled back into the house and Logan takes my place in the door.

I take myself out of JJ's grip and make my way to the fridge to get frozen peas to put on my cheek, a few minutes later I make my way to the stairs to go back to my room but am stopped when Logan grabs my arm.

"What were you playing at?" He asks

"What was I playing it, oh my god. She came here calling me a slut, I didn't fucking touch her and then she slaps me."
"And apparently I did something" I continue his face dropping

"She might be a good fuck but you really believe her over me, don't answer that of course you do, I am just your unwanted roommate. Get better taste Logan"  I finish off and don't wait for his response as I continue making my way to my room.

I fucking hate Logan west.

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