25 : Hockey pricks

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"So should I come pick you up, the girls and I are going to watch their practice" Emma says over the phone, me and Emma have been texting a lot lately it's nice having someone on campus.

She has invited me to watch my roommates practice and even though I am currently avoiding one of them I have absolutely nothing to do, and no one to do more importantly.

"You know what yeah, pick me up in twenty?" I say as I end the call.

I rush into my bathroom and put on some makeup, I change out of my leggings into some tights and a denim skirt with a slinky tank top.

Even though it's early November I am willing to freeze to death if it means I will look good.

40 minutes later I am at the entrance of the hockey building with Emma and two of her friends.

Emma intertwines her arm with mine and we walk behind the two girls in direction of the building.

"You look hot" Emma says glancing at my outfit.

"Thanks" I say smiling at her.

"Any reason for it?"

"Nope" I say popping the p as Emma opens the door for us.

We walk into the rink and immediately a cold wind hits me.

We walk over to the bleachers my eyes never leaving the rink, we sit at the bottom of the bleachers as I fold my legs on top of one another.

Staring at the rink I recognise all the players, JJ is number 33 since it's his lucky number, Archie is number 27 and Logan number 14.

I can hear him calling out orders on the rink and damn I would be lying if I said it wasn't attractive.

In the corner of the rink I see a group of guys looking over at me and I'm guessing they are freshman from the way they are winking at me, I chuckle a bit to myself and decide to test my luck.

I lean forward a bit pretending to tie my shoelaces exposing my cleavage, I look up a moment later to see three of the guys skating over to me at the boards.

"Hey pretty girl, you got a boyfriend?" One of them says

"Nah" I say winking at him, I hear Emma laugh a little beside me.

Our little conversation seems to attract a lot more attention then I expected.

"Can I get your number-" he start before someone cuts him off,

"What's going on!" Logan shouts from the other side of the rink

"Uh cap, you might want to see this" a familiar voice says from in the crowd, Joey Davis shows his face.

"Hi Gracie" he says
"Joey, you really had to rat me out didn't you?" I glare at him as he laughs and shrugs,

"Gracie!" Logan says cutting through the crowd

"What are you doing here and what are you wearing" he shouts, I roll my eyes at him.

"Emma what do you think your doing letting her wear that in front of sex deprived college kids" he turns his glare to Emma who just shrugs and says "she looks hot"

A bunch of wolf whistles go off as she says that and I laugh a bit to myself before turning my attention back to Logan who is fuming.

"Cap do you mind introducing me to your friend" the freshman who hit on me says while winking,

In a sudden instance Logan slams the kids onto the boards glaring at him,

"You don't talk to her, you don't even look at her unless you want to keep your spot on your team" he shouts at the kid.

"Cap stop, he is a kid" Joey says as him and ed pull him off the freshman.

"Gracie come with me now" I roll my eyes at his request but don't bother fighting with it.

He leads me into what I think is the locker room, he pulled his gloves and helmet off on the rink so now his messy hair is free and he looks so good.

"Put this on" he says handing me another one of his hoodies, I returned the last two three weeks ago and left a note with them by his door.

I pull it on hesitantly, inhaling the gorgeous scent. Logan clears his throat and I look up at his red fuming face.

"What are you doing here Gracie?"
"What are you doing flirting with these guys they aren't good" he says

"Like you, like how you called me a mistake or like how you said you didn't deserve me because I think that's something I can decide by myself" I blurt out as I walk towards the exit of the locker room.

"You heard that" he says making me turn around to see his sorrowful look on his face, he takes a step closer to me and I take a step back in response.

"Don't, you don't get to do that"
" I put your stupid hoodie on and now I am leaving so you got what you wanted West." With that I walk out of the locker rooms only to be met with a confused Archie and an utterly more confused JJ,
They look behind me and JJ's gaze turns killer so they probably saw Logan.

"I'll see you guys at home" I say as I walk around them ignoring Logan and JJ calling my name.

Hockey pricks.

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