41 : Get him

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"Dear, why won't you eat some more food." My mum says from her place across the table. Coming back home has been a nightmare and a blessing all in one, after JJ went home yesterday Logan's texts have stopped coming through so whatever JJ told him worked, I miss him.

I miss him so much because I am so in love with him.

"I'm alright, thanks mum" I say passing the potatoes back to her, my mum was ecstatic to have me home yesterday and I haven't seen my father much but when I do hear the mention of his name my mum immediately gushes over him, it's disgusting.

He prances around ordering her to do whatever he wants and she blindly follows, she believes that whatever he does is perfect, last night she nearly ripped off her shirt in front of me because he said he was horny, IN FRONT OF ME.

"Where's dad?" I ask, trying to make conversation.

"Watching the hockey, isn't your team on?" It hurts more than it should, it hurts knowing that I'm missing JJ's most important game but it hurts the most knowing I promised I would be there for Logan, promised to support him.

I also know that team, I love the guys on it - most of them -, most of them treat me like a sister and I couldn't be prouder of them.

"Yep" I say dryly not liking the conversation I started. We sit in silence before my phone buzzes against the table.

Logan: you might not see this but I had to say it to you somehow, you were never fake Gracie, every bit of it was real. The girl came to sit on my lap, she was trying to get off on me and I laughed that's what the camera showed right after it I pushed her off. Come back to me baby.

I wipe my eyes a bit as I read the message, I have no doubt in my mind he didn't do it but I don't know why I am still fighting it.

"What's wrong?, boy troubles?" My mum says from across the table noting my eyes, but it's scary how she got it spot on. Guess what they say about a mother intuition is correct.

"Tell me about it"

"There was a picture of a girl trying to hit on him and he was laughing, he says it was because he was laughing at her attempt" I blurt out for some reason,

"Do you believe him?" I know my answer already and don't have to think about it for a second.

"100%, I've never felt so in love mum. I'm just scared he doesn't love me back"

"Aw my precious, if you believe him that means he has earned your trust, and that's the greatest gift. he must love you back he would be crazy not to, I know the relationship I have with your father isn't a great example, but love can be so raw and vulnerable. You need to be vulnerable to feel love." She places a hand on my cheek and kisses my forehead, and for once I feel like a kid again when my mother used to kiss me goodnight before watching the hockey game with my father.

"Where is he?" She asks

"At the game, the game I said I would support him for" I say through tears,

"Go get him" she says


"Go. Get. Him"

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