32 : Game Day

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** before this chapter continues I just want to say I have no experience with ice hockey, so some if the terms are wrong please don't kill me😃

"We go out there and win, your mind and body is on the ice. We bring this game home and then we bring the home the finals." Coach says as we huddle up in the locker room of our university's rink, the team yells and whistles echo around the room.

"West speech" he says turning to me, I don't usually do speeches the guys know that.

"Uh don't fuck up" I say clueless which earns me more yells and howls of laughter.

"Great job cap" JJ says slapping my back.

We walk out to the hallway which leads to the ice and I am in the middle of trying to get in the zone when JJ walks up next to me, since I am the captain I am first to enter the ice so I am leading the line when JJ walks up to me.

"Hey asshole"

"What" I say back, annoyed he is annoying me pre game,

"I've got you" he says before walking back, I'm pretty sure JJ has somewhat of an idea of what my family life is like and I'm also pretty sure he saw my parents in the audience before we came in.

"MEADOWRIDGE SHARKS!!" The announcer shouts as we skate onto the ice, I don't bother looking around I can already tell there are a lot of people from the howls and shouts coming from the sides.

I skate in the middle with the team following and we form a line waiting for the announcer to introduce each person.

"Joey Davis, Junior"
"Archie Watts, Sophomore" he continues announcing people until there are two left, my gaze stays straight never looking around, it has been my thing for the longest time. I don't look around when he's announcing.

"JJ Anderson, Junior" a howl of cheers comes from the puck bunnies on the sidelines,

"Captain Logan West, Junior" the crowd screams and I have trouble hearing anything, my gaze stays forward.

Throughout all the screams I can hear a familiar sound of laughter come somewhere close and without thinking I snap my head in search for it.

Gracie is on the sidelines in a MUNI hockey jersey, she is smiling and laughing with a girl next to her who I recognise as Ed's girlfriend Emma. She catches me staring at her and does a small smile with a shy wave, I'm so happy I have an helmet on so she can't see my wide smile, I lift my hand up and rotate it telling her to turn around so I can see the name on her jersey.

She turns around reluctantly and on the back of her jersey I read, WEST and that immediately does something to me. She is probably only wearing it because she is in pity for me but still seeing her with my last name on her back fuels something, something that feels really good.

She turns back around and a shy smile appears on her face and I realise she is waiting for me to react, I send her a wink before hesitantly pulling myself away and back to the game that is about to happen.

I'm in the starting line up and get in position on the ice waiting for the puck drop, the game starts and I can already tell it's going to be a violent one.

We enter the second period and I skate up to the middle of the rink waiting for the puck drop, Luke Beckett a forward on the Panthers team skates opposite me. Beckett is good, a whole lot better than the skaters on my team, hell - no offence to my friends - he is probably better than my whole team. He's probably the second best college player in the country, he could put some real competition in for me if he didn't waste it by being a menace and landing himself in the penalty box so many times.

I look around the rink trying to find her in the crowd, when my gaze spots her she is already watching me. She gives me another one of her adorable shy waves and I let out a wide smile, a obnoxious whistle makes me turn my gaze back to the prick in front of me.

"Shut it Beckett" I say glaring at him, he gives me a smug grin.

"She is banging"

"She is off limits" I growl out


"yeah, fucking mine"
"you see the jersey she is wearing, with west at the back. Fucking mine."

I steal the puck away from #87 and pass it towards JJ who passes it back to me allowing me to score a goal.

I skate towards the guys who jump on top of me, my eyes wander around the crowd finding Gracie's. She is jumping up and down next to Emma, her smile so bright. She is so fucking beautiful.

Three goals later, and another win sitting on our backs I exit the changing rooms in my suit talking with JJ.

A light laughter makes me turn my attention to the girl a few feet in front of me talking with a tall brunette guy. But I'm not the one who talks first.

"Gracie?!" JJ says sauntering up next to her, I walk up next to them turning my glare to Luke Beckett who is smiling down at Gracie.

"Beckett" I say

"West, nice win"

"You should probably get going" I say warning him,

"Right, see you later Gracie" he says winking at her, my insides boil up.

"See you later?!" JJ says looking down at an startled Gracie

"The bar tonight, it's where you guys are celebrating right" Gracie says looking up at us innocently.

"Your coming?" I ask surprised, she nods gently while looking up at me with her big eyes.

"Let's go home so you can change out of this disgusting jersey" Logan says gagging, and I can't help the shit eating grin slide onto my face.

My jersey.

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