38 : Not my

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Gracie: tonight? ;)

Logan: can't, coach is making me go out for drinks with the team for team bonding :(
Logan: you wanna come?

Gracie: it's ok seems more of a team thing, have fun😊

Logan: miss you

I shut off my phone and focus back on the conversation which is happening around us while trying to hide my disappointment at the fact that I'm not at home with Gracie or better inside her.

"SHOTSSSS!!!" Someone loudly shouts next to me causing me to jolt back in surprise, JJ is on the counter of the bar pouring tequila into his mouth, he wobbly puts the bottle back down and then starts passing out shits to everybody.

When he gets to me I politely shake my head not wanting to participate in any of these stupid games.

"C'mon cap" JJ pouts at me extending his hand further, I know damn well there isn't an option of me not walking away from this shot free so I just give in and take the shots.

The sting of it seems to soften my edge a bit for the next hour as the puck bunnies start to emerge from their stalking positions.

One of them with brunette hair struts up to me, her skimpy outfit barely covering her up, I try to put on my best uninterested face as she gets closer, her hand finds itself planted on my chest.

I quickly shoo it away and turn her direction else where.

"My boy over there Archie, real pounder" I say, he eyebrows shoot up with interest and she turns on her heel to pull her tactics on Archie, I nearly laugh out loud at how easy that was.

No girl here is on my mind, no girl here is going to touch me because that is saved for the girl who is probably laying in her bed watching tv at home.


It's been a few hours and a lot of drinks that JJ has been able to intoxicate me with, we spent a lot of time and I mean a lot arguing over something stupid that I can't even remember.

"Cap-tainnn" JJ slurs finding a seat next to me, he lets out a whistle as a blonde starts approaching us with a fierce smile on her face.

She's not my Gracie.

"Hey boys" she purrs at us, she then turns her gaze towards me and winks which makes JJ groan in disappointment loudly.

"Guess I'm gonna go check on my lollipop" he mutters, I plead him with my eyes to stay but the dick looks me in my eyes and ignores me.


"Uh- I should probably help him" I say swiftly getting up to my feet, my mind goes dizzy as the shots start to wear me down and my body starts to feel sore.

Something sits on me all of a sudden causing me to sit back down on the stool, my eyes go wide as I register the blonde who is straddling and staring up at me.

She's not my Gracie.

I grimace at her and shuffle trying to get out of this position.

"Don't act like you don't want this baby" she purrs at me as she starts bouncing up and down on me in public.

What the fuck.

Her eyes roll backwards as she quickens her pace, she drags her hands to her tits and pushes them together in my face.

This is actually disgusting, I'm not even hard at all for this chick.

"Let me ride you daddy" she moans in my ear and I immediately start laughing because what the actual fuck, I shove her off me because I am not having some random woman grope me in a bar.

"Your not my Gracie" I slur at her and walk away proudly.

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