30 : Expected

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Having my parents come down here for thanksgiving has been my nightmare since I moved away from our god awful town.

My parents are huge snobs, my father has admittedly cheated on my mum before which she knows about, but apparently they are in love.

I don't even think they know what the word means.

I don't even have space for them in our house and thank god for that because I don't think I can survive if they where living with me for the weekend.

I left out the part where JJ and Archie aren't here because I couldn't let them trap me into staying in the same house as them again, Archie flew back to his hometown two days ago and is supposed to be back on Monday since we have a game on Tuesday.

JJ usually drives back to his parents because it's only a four hour drive so he yesterday and is also coming back on Monday, I know Gracie was asked if she wanted to go with them but she refused saying she didn't want to intrude on such an intimate holiday, she also isn't going back to her parents so I am guessing she has a bad relationship with them.

Yesterday me and my parents went out for dinner to celebrate thanksgiving early since today we are going to a family friend's who lives close, these four days are going to be a living hell for me.

I woke up late this morning at eleven am as I got back late and was exhausted from my alone practice at the rink and as I am walking down the stairs to get breakfast I hear voices coming from the kitchen.

Which means Gracie has people over which is weird because she usually wakes up at this time, so I am already worried when I walk into the kitchen.

And when I see two familiar faces my jaw drops as I see my parents chat with Gracie by the counter, I stand by the doorway to observe the interaction without them knowing.

They look like they are in a middle of an conversation and due to the warm coffee in both of my parents hands they have probably been here for thirty minutes.

Gracie doesn't seem to mind as she has a smile on her face, but I can tell she is tired. Her hair is let loose and messy, she's wearing a sweatshirt and loose short shorts and after further inspection the sweatshirt belongs to me, and even though she just woke up she has never looked so beautiful.

I clear my throat as I walk up to get some coffee, the conversation dies and my walk back to the counter is silent, the dropping of my mug on the marble counter echos the room.

"What are you guys doing here? I didn't invite you." I say harshly, my mother turns to frown at me an expression I have gotten to used to. She is wearing a black jumpsuit paired with a black blazer. Anna West was never one for casual, my whole life all I have ever seen her wear is blazers, even when my father was away in "business" trips she would never not wear a blazer, when I asked her about it when I was nine she told me it was for the public image.

My whole life was about what I look like in the public image.

"That's no way to speak to your mother, after we just came out here to celebrate thanksgiving" my father says glaring at me which I respond with glaring back.

"Well we wanted to see where you live. We didn't expect you to sleep in so late." My mother lectures me like I am sixteen and I force myself not to roll my eyes.

"If it wasn't for your lovely girlfriend here we would of been stuck outside" my mother says turning her gaze towards Gracie, who is blushing so hard right now, it's so cute. It's nice hearing someone think me and Gracie are a couple, Gracie obviously doesn't think so.

"Oh no-"
"Uh we aren't together" Gracie says denying it while a brighter blush creeps onto her cheeks, she doesn't dare look up at me.

"Gracie is JJ's sister and our roommate" I say feeling the need to help Gracie out.

"Oh I'm sorry darling, I just thought since you are wearing his sweatshirt" my mother starts explaining, I ignore the rest of what she says and turn to look at Gracie, I give her a smug grin and she glares up at me and I have never felt so at peace before, looking at her is like everything else goes quiet.

I know I should not think like that since it's not fair to her.

I turn to look back up to see my father glaring at Gracie, I immediately scowl at him and he catches me eyes. We stare at each other before he turns away first.

"Well Gracie, are your parents in town?" My mum asks

"Mum." I say giving her a look, I don't know much about Gracie's parents but from what JJ has told me they aren't good at their job.

Something me and Gracie have in common.

"It's fine, they aren't here actually" she says putting on her best fake smile, I can see the hurt in her eyes that she tries so hard to cover.

"Oh well, we would love to invite you to our dinner tonight as Logan's friend" my mum says smiling at Gracie, this was such a bad idea. I should've taken Gracie away when I had the chance.

"Oh-" Gracie starts

"Anna" my father gives my mother a warning look, I know what he is trying to prevent. He is trying to prevent Gracie becoming a distraction to me. He's to late.

"Well Gracie, what do you say?" My mother says completely ignoring my dad.

"Oh well, I don't want to intrude" Gracie says as she turns pale. She is fiddling with the seam of my sweatshirt, something I have noticed her do when she gets nervous.

"Nonsense" my mother says

"Then I would love too" Gracie says lying, I can't believe my mother just made her come to dinner.

"Perfect, we will see you both there at seven o'clock sharp then" my mother says as she and my father exit the house and I am left with a shocked Gracie who looks equally as stunned as me.

This is the last thing I expected to happen this morning.

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