14 : Dumbasses

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Three days ago I nearly kissed Logan west in our bathroom.

Today I saw him huddled around a group of puck bunnies, and it stung.

Even though he was actively trying to get away from them and come say hi to me, I couldn't help but feel a sting. So I walked away and went to class and have tried to avoid him all evening.

There's a knock on my door as I am laying in bed on my phone, I slowly get up.

"Are you in your running clothes?" JJ says eyeing my outfit which is the complete opposite of a running outfit.


"Don't tell me you forgot"
"We are going to have dinner and then go for a run. We planned this yesterday." He says sighing at me, I had so much on my mind today I completely forgot about it but seeing my best friend try to fight off the disappointment on his face makes me want to slap myself.

"I'll change and we can have a quick dinner and we can go" I say running to my dresser to find my things.

"Okay, dinner is ready by the way" he says smiling and running down the stairs.

I tug on a nike black sports bra and some leggings because it's chilly outside. I walk down the stairs and am met with two shirtless guys and one idiot sitting on the table eating pasta.

Logan who is shirtless turns his head at my arrival and his eyes go wide as he looks at my outfit making the idiot JJ slap him on his head.

"You look nice" Archie says, Logan immediately throws his gaze to Archie who rolls his eyes.

"Thanks Archie" I say smiling at him which creates a huff from both JJ and Logan. Stupid.

"You want some?" JJ asks pointing to his pasta, I nod but walk over to the kitchen to get an extra fork, I walk back to them but go over to logan standing next to him as I take pieces of his pasta, a loud cough causes me to stop and look around to see all three of them staring at me. JJ the one who coughed is glaring at me.

"What?" I ask annoyed
"He has the best toppings" I shrug and dig back in,

"Let's go" JJ says dragging me to the door out of the room.


Warm showers are my Favrioute.

After coming back from our run where I shoved JJ into a bush for trying to control who I date, I came back to an silent house and went up to the bathroom to shower.

So now I am currently naked with a towel wrapped around me barely covering the necessities applying vanilla lotion to my freshly shaved legs.

I drop my towel and put flannel shorts on and go to my dresser to find a top to wear.

"Yo Gracie I need a bit of help-"

"AHHHHH WHAT THE FUCK" I scream as Archie covers his eyes with his hands,

"IM SO SORRY"Archie starts shouting back, I put my hands over my tits trying to cover them while throwing him out but stopped in my tracks when another idiotic asshole male walks into my room.

"LOGAN GET THE FUCK OUT" I scream, Logan immediately covers his eyes and brings one big arm around Archie grabbing him and leading out of my room, once they are both not in the doorway I lock and close my door and run over to my bed to put on a tshirt.

Actual dumbasses.

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