31 : Thanksgiving

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Usually my thanksgivings after I left home consist of me being in my room sleeping at nine, my dad is never home for thanksgiving due to his work and my mum doesn't want to do thanksgiving without him.

But this year I am dragged into the West's thanksgiving dinner, I don't know how it happened. I woke up this morning earlier than usual and heard knocking on our door and when I opened it a middle aged posh couple was standing there which I later learned that they were Logan's parents.

I kinda wanted to throw his father out, I think that makes me a bad person. In my defence everything Logan told me about his parents made me want to throw him out, his mother wasn't much better, she was kind to me up front but I overheard her muttering the word orphan on the way out, which was a pleasant addition to my morning no doubt.

After Logan's parents left, he told me I wasn't obligated to go. But I could see the look on his face when he was talking with his parents and I couldn't leave him alone, I don't why but I wanted to protect him.

I told him it would be fine so here I am seven hours later rushing to find an outfit, I have already changed from a top and jeans to a different top with the same jeans and now I am currently wearing a denim skirt with the same top.

"Logan" I call hoping he can hear me
"Logan!" I yell louder, I know I am meant to be annoyed at Logan for his annoying mixed feelings, but tonight I'm putting that all on pause, Logan needs me and I won't fuck up this dinner for him, which means wearing the right outfit.

"Yes" I hear him say as he walks into my room, I turn around and catch sight of him. He has messy hair like he has been running his hands through it, he has a unbuttoned white dress shirt on with black pants. And I think I have figured out the dress attire.

"Nothing, I just needed to see what you were wearing" I say breathing in the sight of him, he's gorgeous.

"No problem" he says winking at me as he exits my room.

Logan is the only thing I can think of as I do my makeup - a small wing with a red lip - , Logan is the only thing I can think of as I blow out my hair, Logan is still the only thing I can think of as I slip on a long tight black dress that goes down to my heels, I pair it with black heels and look myself in the mirror before leaving.


I look good, better than I have in weeks. Feeling happy with how I look I make my way downstairs. I see the back of Logan's tux jacket as his back faces me, from the back I can tell he styled his hair back, walking closer I can smell his cologne, he smells so good.

My heels click against the stairs which causes him to turn around, my legs are shaking as I stare at him as he turns around to look at me. He looks so beautiful, his eyes are nailed onto me and I am certain that someone could die next to us and he wouldn't let his gaze fall away from me.

"Wow" he says looking utterly dumbfounded by me,

"Gracie, god."
"You look beautiful" he says as I finally walk down the stairs and stand in front of him.

"You clean up nice wessie" I say checking him out, saying he cleans up nice is a fucking understatement. I always knew he was attractive but standing next to him in a tux, he looks amazing.

My gaze roams around his outfit and stop at the bouquet of flowers he is gripping - like his life depends on it - in his right hand. He follows my gaze looking down at the flowers before clearing his throat.

"I'm sorry I have been a total jackass lately Gracie, I'm so sorry. Nothing I can do would be able to earn your forgiveness for my stupidity over the past months but I'm willing to earn it. I will work my ass off day and night. These are the start of your collection from me" he says, my heart races.

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