15 : Lost

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"Are you kidding me right now?!" JJ shouts at me and Archie who are sat on the couch watching hockey waiting for Gracie to come down so we can go to the Charity skating event that's hosted at our rink, JJ came down the stairs and turned the tv off two minutes ago and is now just glaring at us.

"What" Archie says looking annoyed

"You walked into Gracie's room while she was naked" JJ says fuming,

Oh, that. I couldn't get the split second image of her covering her hands, her tits pressed against them, her hair wet. Holy fuck. Archie was there, Archie was there looking at Gracie half naked, the thought makes me want to bag his eyes out.

"Shut up about it JJ" Gracie says while coming down the stairs, looking beautiful.

Her usually straight hair is now curled, she is wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, she looks so fucking good, all the fucking time.

"Please" she adds putting her puppy eye look on, god I would do anything for this girl.

"Fine let's go"
"West your driving" JJ says throwing me my keys

"Looking good Gracie" I wink at her as she walks past, a blush creeping onto her cheeks as she looks away and walks faster towards the car.

Once I reach it Archie is in the middle of opening the passenger seat for Gracie who gives him a kiss on his cheek as a thank you and jealousy immediately courses through me.

I give him a hard glare as I walk to the the drivers side. We sit in silence for a few minutes before Gracie takes her phone and connects it to my speakers, she stays on her phone for a minute before LOST by Frank ocean starts playing through the speakers and Gracie puts her phone away.

When we arrive at the rink JJ and Archie get out of the car first walking in front of me and Gracie. It's around seven pm, walking next to Gracie she rubs her arms to try and heat herself up on instinct I take off my trench coat and pull it on her, she looks up with me with those big blue eyes, god.

"Thanks wessie" she whispers looking up at me and god I want to kiss her so bad.

"Let's go guys, we are already late" Archie calls from in front of us.

We run forward a bit, we walk through the building and enter the rink and wow, I don't think I have ever seen the rink look this nice.

There are flowers everywhere and there are people already on the ice.

I turn to look at Gracie who is looking around,

"Wow, it's so pretty" she says staring up at the rink

"Yeah. It is." Not once taking my eyes off her wide smile.

"Here let me get you some skates" I say as I leave her at a bench going over to the counter to get her some.

"Skates size 5 please" I say, the girl goes to the back to get some skates as I look around I spot Gracie talking to some people, I squint my eyes a bit and notice the guy is Nathan.

The girl comes back with the skates just as I see Nathan smiling down at her while she laughs, god I'm going to kill him.

I grab the skates and make my way over to them dropping the skates next to her, "Marks, don't you have something to do" I say glaring at him,

He looks at me and is about to retaliate before I give him a look. He walks off just when JJ walks to us, Gracie is mid way of tying her skates.

Once she is finished he takes her hand and leads her towards the rink, "thanks Logan" she says smiling at me, she called me Logan. Her saying my name is my new Favrioute thing. 

I get on the rink and skate a few times before I see Gracie by herself leaning against the wall to keep herself up right, I chuckle a bit watching her slip before skating up to her.

"Hi Gracie"

"Hi wessie"
"You here to bully me" she says shoving me a bit resulting in her slipping her I place my hands on her waist, I can feel her freeze under me and I smile on my insides so much.

"I'm here too help, you want it" I say placing my hand out for her.

She hesitantly takes it but I can feel her stiff next to me I turn backwards and hold her hands balancing her onto me.

"Trust me Owen's" I say winking at her she smiles at me before relaxing a bit.

we skate more in laps me skating backwards and holding her in my hands, I could get used to this.

"This is fun" she says looking up at me smiling, her smile wide, she is so beautiful.

Gracie Owen's is taking over my life and I could not be happier about it.

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