bonus scene #1 : The Wedding

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Gracie West

"You look fucking gorgeous." Lizzie says as she zips up the back of my dress,

"I'm nervous Liz, like really nervous." I admit staring at my reflection in the mirror.

Today is my wedding day .

My freaking wedding day.

"I can text JJ and prepare a getaway car if you want to bolt." She says, at first I think she is lying but then I realise she's dead serious.

"No of course not!"

"Just letting you feel your options, plus I felt like I had to offer it as part of my maid of honour duties." She shrugs.

When Logan proposed to me last year on our trip to Hawaii I didn't hesitate to say yes. We planned the wedding to be in summer since my job at vogue - vogue - didn't line up with the date we wanted.

I also didn't hesitate to make Lizzie my maid of honour, she was absolutely thrilled when I told her, she jumped on top of me and wouldn't stop crying.

"You ready?" Liz says putting out her hand, her pink strapless bridesmaid dress flows gently in the breeze complementing her blonde hair.

"Absolutely." I intertwine our fingers, walking down the halls of the air-bnb we finally reach the doors leading to the ceremony.

"Well you look a hell of a lot nicer than you did when you got slime stuck in your hair in third grade." JJ drawls walking up to us,

"I'll see you out there." Lizzie winks at me before giving JJ a haste kiss on the cheek, I stand on the side of the hallway watching as she walks into the ceremony her bouquet in hand.

"You look amazing Gracie."

"Don't cry on me." I tease teary eyed while hooking my arm through his.

When I told my mum that JJ was going to walk me down the aisle she didn't throw a fit like I excepted her too, all she said was "I'm sure you'll look perfect."

That was the confirmation I needed to know that she wasn't coming to the wedding, her daughters wedding.

I was sick to my stomach for weeks after the conversation with her and every single night Logan was there holding my hair, comforting me as I puked into the toilet.

The doors to the ceremony open and suddenly all I can see is him, in the middle of a conversation with Archie he snaps his head.

His eyes are all over me, looking at me with more love than I've ever known.

"You better take care of her West, I'm not afraid to fuck you up if you don't." JJ warns as he shakes hand with Logan who looks at him with an amused expression.

Placing my hands with Logans, I let him lead my up the stairs to the altar.

"Hi Wessie."

"Hi Gracie."
"You look fucking amazing, blowing the breath right out of me baby."

I feel a pink tint appearing on my cheeks as he stares at me with his childish grin.

I look around the seats as the priest recites the vows, Lizzie smiles up at me, Archie offers a thumbs up, JJ winks, Ed and Joey wave, Luke nods.

I return my gaze to the man I'm in love with.

I'm home.



did you miss me? I missed these characters!!

I finally did the first bonus scene😆 I know it's really short but there will be more😉

I love Gracie and Logan but if I'm being honest Luke and Lizzie have my fucking heart😭

Cya later💞

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