28 : Drive

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I'm sitting in the kitchen filling out my homework the day after Jake Johnson randomly drives Gracie home and then demand to talk to her.

"Yo dinner" JJ says from the kitchen

"Do you want me to get Gracie?" I ask already getting up to get her

"Nah she is going out" JJ says while bringing the pasta over to us, Archie takes a seat opposite me and JJ takes a seat at the head of the table, funny that.

"Where is she going?" I ask curiously, JJ and Archie both give me weird looks but thankfully JJ answers,

"Jake asked her on a date" he says casually, I nearly choke on my food.

"Are you letting her?!" I say

"Yeah I mean he is decent, doesn't play hockey and she would go anyway even if I told her she couldn't" he shrugs

"I need to charge my computer, I'll be right back" I say getting up and taking my computer with me, I walk up the stairs and drop my computer on the floor and stalk towards the hallway. I pass my room and make it to Gracie's.

I have no right to do this, I told her the kiss was a mistake and it shouldn't happen again and here I am about to ask her not to go on this date.

I knock once, no answer. I knock again, no answer. I give up on knocking and walk into her room, she is stood facing the door so I am able to see all of her. She is so fucking beautiful.

She is wearing a white short dress which is going to make her freeze in the November weather, her hair is in a low messy bun with bits hanging out, her makeup is minimal because she's all natural.

That's the thing about Gracie she is a natural beauty she doesn't need to cover herself in makeup to look pretty or hot, her being her already causes so many people to stare at her.

"Logan?-" she starts

"Are you going on a date with him" I ask stepping closer, I already know the answer but I want to hear it from her mouth.


"Are you ?"

"Yes." She says looking down,

"Fuck" I curse

"No Logan you don't get to do this, you don't. I kissed you, you called it a mistake. That was your decision, you can't just come in here demanding if I'm going on a date." She says shouting at me, she is so fucking beautiful.

"And I regret it, so much Gracie." I say taking a step closer to her as she takes a step back which makes me frown.

"Logan, I don't know what your asking of me and I don't even think you know what your asking."

She's right, I have no idea what I'm doing, I just can't bare the thought that Gracie is going on a date with someone who isn't me, someone else is going to hold her.

"Do you want to go on this date?" I say after a while because I won't stop her if this is what she wants.

"Yes, Jake wants me. He isn't hiding it and there isn't anything in his way" she answers hesitantly, I take a deep breath and then walk to the side so I am no longer blocking the door way.

"Have fun Gracie" I say looking down at the floor because if I look at her I am going to break all my promises.

"Bye wessie" she says before leaving me in her bedroom. A few minutes later I hear chatting outside and the ignition of a car starting and then driving away.

With Gracie.

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