18 : Ways to kill

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The guys went to an away game last night which meant I had the whole house to myself and what did I decide to do, go to bed at ten.

What can I say, I missed the loudness.

After the very emotional call with Logan I went straight to sleep, but not before thinking of all the ways you could kill someone.

I wanted to kill Max West.

The light pouring into my room and shuffling woke me up, I squeezed my eyes shut not wanting to wake up yet, I knew the guys were back today I just didn't know what time.

"How does she look hot when she sleeps?" Someone says from somewhere by my bed,

"Shut up Archie, that's my sister" I'm guessing JJ says, a loud whack alerts me causing me to give up on trying to sleep and open my eyes.

I try to process what just happened and then realise that all three of them are standing at the edge of my bed.

I get up with a huge smile on my face and the first person I run to catches me in his arms, my legs wrap around his waist and my arms loop around his neck. He chuckles softly before holding me even tighter, I take my head out from the crook of his neck to look at him.

"Hi Wessie" I say to him
"Hi Gracie"

"Congratulations" I say still smiling like a freak

Someone clears their throat next to us so I unwillingly untangle myself from Logan not wanting to let go of him yet.

"I'm your best friend and you hug him first, wow." JJ says pouting

I give him a look before walking up to him and hugging him, my arms looping around his chest, but not with as much energy as I did with Logan.

"Congratulations Andie" I go on my tiptoes to ruffle up his hair.

I also go up to Archie and enter with the same hug I did for JJ but he doesn't take that and he lifts me up and spins me around making me very fucking dizzy.

When he puts me down I catch Logan and JJ staring at us with a both of their jaws clenched.

I roll my eyes and make my downstairs knowing there is no way I could be able to go back to sleep after this wake up.

I get myself some coffee, sitting myself down on the couch.

"You have classes today?" Logan says coming in

"Yeah" I say tearing my eyes off him and forcing them onto the TV

The couch sinks as he sits down, I let myself look at him his wearing his usual after practice outfit, grey sweatpants and a hoodie or tight shirt.

"Don't your classes start in like 10 minutes" he says casually, I whip my head to my phone checking my phone.

Holy shit. I'm going to be late. It's 10:50am and class starts at 11am, I rush upstairs changing quickly putting my hair up in a bun.

I run downstairs to see Logan by the door with his keys in his hand.

"I am taking you" he says while opening his door for me.

"You really don't have to" I say feeling bad that he is wasting his morning on me, but before I can say anything he gives me a look.

"Thank you." I say nodding at him.

I get in his passenger seat and turn on my phone realising I am still connected to his speaker I play some music.

"Did you like the skating" Logan asks turning to me,

"Yeah, it was actually really fun. I don't think I have had that much fun in a while." I say smiling at him,

"Would you want to go again?" He asks

"Really?! I thought it's only once a year"

"I can pull a few strings, should I pick you up after your classes at six?" He says still looking at the road. My face doesn't hide how surprised I am that he remembers that I have double classes after each other meaning that I end at six, I told him this two weeks ago at breakfast when he offered to pick me up.

"No I'll shower before, so we can leave from the house" I say excited, I really liked skating and I can't wait to skate more with him.

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