1 : Puckbunny

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Groaning into my pillow as the light from the morning pours in, I relive last nights dream of when I got Ava Walker riding me in my bed, Ava fucking walker.

Ava is known as the goddess of Puckbunnies her long blonde hair and bright blue eyes paired with bouncy as fuck tits and a round ass makes her known in the hockey world of meadowridge university.

Turning to my side I startle at the same blonde hair sprawled along my pillow, no matter how good the fuck was I always follow my two rules. No sleepovers. One time only.

The two rules have gotten me this far in college and it's been working well. Sometimes the hook ups throw a pout and try convince me to stay but I never listen, especially when they make me late for practice. For the longest time since I can remember it's only been hockey for me, hockey takes up my life.

My father was a first pick draft in the NHL but before he was able to sign with the Boston bruins he tore his ACL and his career ended before it started. Although he never got to live out his dream in hockey he lives it vicariously through me his constant degradation of me and disgust over the years proves to me that he was as real as a father as much as santa is real.

My mother lives with this and though she never liked hockey she put it up with it for my fathers and my sake, and even though they had many, and I mean many fucking arguments they never ever separated. The one thing my father engraved in my brain was that distractions cause mistakes and in this family there is no room for that.

He proved me this in high school when I got my first girlfriend and a week into the relationship the fucker made her break up with me and paid her 50 fucking dollars to do it and his excuse was "she's not more important than hockey and it wasn't going to go anywhere anyway".

Reaching over to shake Ava awake the doorbell stops my movements, I look over at the clock to see that's it just only 8am and since practice starts at 9:30 I know my lazy ass roommates JJ and Archie weren't going to be awake.

JJ had been my best friend since freshman year, when we both were trapped in a locker for an hour on our first day of practice which we have never lived down. Archie on the other hand is one year below us as a sophomore and even though we are not in the same year we get on pretty fucking good and I would still count him as a best friend.

Due to the fact that we all tolerated each other, in sophomore year we decided to house together, this year marks the third second year.

I groan in frustration as the doorbell rings again, I pull on a pair of sweatpants and leave a naked blonde in my bed. Walking down the stairs I ignore the mess of our house, the living room is covered in plastic cups courtesy of the small party we threw last night and on my way to the front door I encounter lots of Strange kinds of objects - one thing being someone's fucking underwear.

As I open our chipped door  - from the amount of times JJ has tried to beat up Archie - a small brunette girl stands in the doorway, her hair is pulled up onto the top of her head in a messy bun, she is wearing very tiny fucking grey shorts and a sweatshirt on that says MUNI which I assume means she goes here, and although she is not my type at all I can't deny that she is fucking gorgeous and sexy and gorgeous.

She smiles up at me with her big blue eyes and I can feel a scowl coming off my face because what the fuck is a puck bunny doing at out door at 8 in the morning, they are getting so desperate.

"What do you want?" I growl

"Is JJ here?" She asks making a face at my face

"He is not in the mood for puckbunnies right now" I say unamused closing the door,

"Excuse me what the fuck did you just call me" stopping the door closing with her foot and then pushing it back open, I look over her to see a bunch of fucking boxes?

"A puck bunny" bringing my gaze back to her

"You hockey boys are such assholes, I can't believe this"
"I am the furthest thing from a puck bunny and you better watch your mouth little boy else-"

"Gracie?" I turn around to see my best friend standing behind me shirtless with his light brown hair in a mess like he just woke up, and before I can blink the puck bunny runs up to him and traps him in a hug with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"Cupcake" she shouts delightfully,

What the actual fuck.

"I thought you were coming the day before term starts" JJ says putting her down.

"I wanted to surprise you" she says while hugging him one more time, I give him a look which says 'what the fuck is this stranger doing in our house'

He looked at me over her head and gave me a sheepish smile before starting to explain.

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