Aarmau [2]

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He picked me up off the ground and swung me over his shoulders. I tried punching him in the back finding a way to escape from his grasp.

He walked out of the room and headed down the hall. I could see people leaving classrooms guns pointing directly at them.

Some people fought to try and get away but couldn't. They were either badly hurt or shot.

I watched the blood spill from students, teachers, and even some old friends.

I felt a shiver go down my spine and my heart began racing.

"Nervous huh." He laughed.

I ignored him.

I was fucking pissed at him. He came into my school for whatever reason and decided to shoot it up for God knows why.

I kept kicking and punching and I heard him groan.

"Would you give up already?"

"Fuck you!" I yelled.

He laughed and stopped in front of the gym. He walked inside and placed me down on the ground.

"I'll come to find you later."

"And for what reason?!" I yelled confused and angry.

He chuckled and just walked away.

People were seated down on the floor. All the exits were blocked by others with guns. The people blocking them were covered in black well the boy in red and the other two colors; blue and green were at the front.

I looked around the room and noticed Katelyn and them sitting. I ran towards them stepping past people and flopped down beside them.

"Aph you're okay!" Katelyn whisper yelled.

I nodded my head and looked at Kawaii Chan and Zane. They both looked relieved to see me.

"We need to get out of here," I mumbled lowly.

"How they are guarding the exits," Zane whispered.

"I have an idea.." I mumbled.

I whispered the idea into their ears and they looked at me like I was crazy.

"It's crazy but it will work." Kawaii Chan replied.

There was a loud ringing noise and everyone looked at the front of the gym.

The guy in blue was holding a microphone and staring at everyone.

"Listen up, I don't want to hear a word from any of you. If you want to be made an example speak now."

Nobody said a word and I watched as Zane got up off the ground.

Everyone stared at him and I looked at Katelyn. She nodded her head and we both went through the crowd going separate ways.

"So you're saying if I speak I get shot," Zane said.

There was a long silence and I made my way to the change room door. I slowly opened it and snuck inside.

What they must have not known is the change room door led to the inside of the school.

I ran through the change room and over to the exit.

A gunshot went off and I stopped stiff in my spot. I took in a deep breath and threw open the door.

Nobody was guarding it.

I ran out of the room and down the hall. I passed by the gym and looked inside.

My eyes met with the boy in red and I sprinted faster. I ran down the halls and towards the office.

Once I was inside the office I ran to the principal's office.

My father owned this school I knew every inch of this place. Where every camera was, every motion sensor, and every weapon.

I threw open the cabinets in the principal's office and grabbed his gun. I ran out of the room but took my time now.

I put the gun in my waistband and used my shirt to hide it. I began to tiptoe to the front door and as I put my hand on the handle I heard a cough.

I froze in my spot and turned my head around.

The boy in red stood behind me tapping his toe on the ground and shaking his head.

"Did you really think you could escape me.." He mumbled.

I gulped nervously and he backed me up into the door.

"You don't remember do you.." He mumbled.

"Remember what?" I asked confused.

He sighed and took a few steps away.

He took his hood off his head and anything hiding his face.

He had black hair that fell down the side of his face with pretty red eyes. My face turned a shade of red and I just stared at him.

"You got a bit of drool." He said laughing.

My face got even redder and I wiped the drool away. I looked down at the ground and he got closer to me.

He put a hand on my shoulder I looked up.

"Wai-wait a second..." I mumbled.

"What are y-"

He leaned into my lips and put a hand on my face. Our lips met in a heated kiss and I was pushed further against the wall. They moved in sync and I put a hand around his neck. I pulled him closer and leaned in more.

I could feel his hand crawling up my thigh and I brought my hands down to his back.

He broke away from the kiss and I dropped down to the ground breathing heavily.

"It's you... Aaron..." I mumbled.

"So you do remember."

He bent down to the floor and put a hand on my cheek. I smiled at him and closed my eyes.

I dropped onto his lap and he held me tight.

"It's only been a few years and your already this lonely huh?"

I opened up my eyes and pinched his cheek.

"Shut up..."

He laughed and put his arms around me.

"After you left school it really sucked.."

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead and I smiled again.

"Don't worry I'm back now." He mumbled.

"But I still have questio-"

Before I could finish my sentence there was a huge bang and I could hear sirens.

I jumped up off of him and took my gun out. I began to slowly walk towards the exit and I peaked out.

The police were running into the school.

"If you see anyone with any weapon shot them no holding back!"

They ran in and one of them ran towards the office. Our eyes met and they pointed their gun at me.

I froze up in my spot and a shot went off.

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