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I ran down the hallway running as fast as I could.

I was almost late for work.

My high heels clicked on the floor as I ran. I pushed past people and jumped into the elevator. The elevator went up a few floors and once again I shoved everyone out of my way and ran to the office door.

I stopped in front of it breathing heavily then slowly opened the door.

"That was a close call." I heard someone chuckle.

I looked up and in front of me was a desk. My boss sat facing the window and staring out into the distance.

"Sorry!" I called out.

"So you're my new secretary?"

"Yes sir, my name is Aphmau Pheonix!" I said flipping my hair to the side.

"Well Miss Aphmau your work is on your desk and your office is to the right if you need anything let me know." I nodded my head and looked over to the side.

To the right was an office that said "Secretary's Office."

I walked towards the office door and slowly opened the door. I walked into the office and placed my purse on my desk.

I closed the door behind me to see a few sheets of paper as well as a book. I picked them up and started my day.


Halfway through the day, I had finally finished all my work. I got up off of my seat and walked back into the boss's office.

"Uh, boss?" I called out.

He wasn't in here.

His chair was turned to the front indicating he had gone somewhere.

I went back to my office and my phone began to go off. I picked it up and answered.

"Hello?" I asked.

"You may go on a break I'll be back in about an hour or so."

"Thank you." The call ended and I put my phone in my pocket.

I grabbed my purse off the desk and exited my room.

"Well well, he got a cute new secretary I see." I jumped up in surprise and turned around.

A women with brown hair and brown eyes stood before me. She had a tight red dress and wore heavy makeup.

"Uh, thanks.." I mumbled.

I walked towards the door but before I could leave she grabbed onto my arm.

"Excuse me where the hell do you think you're going?" She asked.

I turned back at her and raised my eyebrow.

"To eat lunch," I replied giving an awkward laugh.

"Oh, why don't we have lunch together!" She said smiling.

I gave her an awkward smile back and nodded my head. Something seemed off about her. She just seemed angry but now she wants to have lunch.

She grabbed onto my wrist and dragged me out of the room.

"Come let's go eat with the boss he's eating lunch as well right now."

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