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I walked down the soft beach sand.

Today I'd finally get to go outside.

Katelyn and the rest followed behind me and I placed my blanket down on the floor. I put my basket down beside it and laid down on the blanket. I put my sunglasses over my eyes and relaxed.

"Come on Lucinda lets go in the water!" Katelyn yelled.

I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"Maybe later, you know I don't like water."

"Oh come on stop being chicken!" Aphmau yelled.

I growled at them and turned over to my side.


I heard Katelyn and Aphmau run away and I sighed. I took my sunglasses off my head and looked up at the sky.

I put a hand over my eyes to block the sun and I got up off the blanket. I sat down on it and looked over at the water.

Aphmau and Katelyn were playing splashing around in the water.

Id love to go in the water.

But I never could.


I ran down the beach sand laughing and having fun with my friends. We jumped into the water and began splashing around and having fun.

I stopped in the water for a moment. I noticed something else in the distance.

Something shiny and pretty was in the distance.

I began to walk towards it.

I was enchanted by its beauty.

The waves began to hit agaisnt my skin and I couldn't stop moving forward.

I could hear my name being called out behind me but I kept going.

I could see it better as I got closer. There was a boy in the water. He had black hair and green eyes. Our eyes locked and the moment they did I felt the water rush over me.

I was pushed under the water. I held my breath but felt myself gasp for air.

I tried to swim up but I couldn't. I couldn't swim.

I tried screaming for help but I kept sinking. I noticed something begin to swin towards me and I tried to reach out for it.

It grabbed onto my hand and our eyes met. It smiled slightly at me and I felt myself begin to get dizzy. He put a necklace over my neck and after that he began to drag me out of the water. Before I passed out he told me somethimg id never forget.

"Ill see you again."

▪~~~~~Flashback End~~~~~▪

I got up off the ground and slide my sandles off.

Maybe going in the water a little wouldn't hurt.

I walked towards them and stopped on the shallow part. The water was only touching my feet but something about the ocean was calming.

I also held onto the necklace he gave me that day. I still wore it around my neck.

It was a red orange blue and yellow necklace. The colours were formed together in a small star on the necklace.

Katelyn and Aphmau ran over to me and I smiled at them.

"Finally decided to come in the water!" Katelyn said smirking.

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