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I decided it was time to go for my morning jog. I went upstairs and changed into a blue shirt and a pair of green jogging pants. I put my hair up in a high ponytale and ran back down stairs. I grabbed my keys and opened the door. I closed the door locking it as I stepped outside I felt the cold breeze brush against my face and I took out my headphones. I put on my music and began to jog.


After an hour of jogging I began hearing noises outside of my song. I would pause my song and take off my headphones but I could never hear anything. I put my headphones back on and I would hear the noise again. It was like foot steps yet everytime I checked behind me I couldn't see anyone. I jogged my way back to my house and stood at the door. I heard a lot of arguing going on and I rolled my eyes. Dad must be home. I opened the door and stepped inside. I saw my dad arguing with some other man well a boy stood behind them. This boy had blonde hair and blue eyes. They all looked in my direction and I looked at them confused. The other man arguing with my dad had a huge smirk appear on his face. He leaned in to tell my dad something and my dad shook his head.

"Hun meet your new Fiancé, Garoth." My father spoke.

The boy with blonde hair stepped forward and reached out his hand.

"Woah woah woah, I did not agree on this." I shouted.

My dad bit his lip and he looked at me. I glared at the boy infront of me and he kept his smile.

"Go to hell." I growled.

I pushed past my dad and this other man and ran up to my room. Once in my room I locked the door and sat down in front of it. What the hell was he thinking.


After an hour I heard a knock on the door.

"Yes." I replied.

"Hun its me, they are gone you can come out now." He said softly.

I got up off the floor and opened the door. Once I did I felt a hand go across my face.

"Stupid girl you should have played along then I could have finally got out of my debt. You just made things worse." He yelled.

I pushed past my dad and began running down the stairs.

"You get back here!" He shouted.

I felt tears falling from my face and I slammed open the door and sprinted out.


I fell right into someone as I ran out. I looked down and noticed I fell on a boy with hair as white as snow. I got up off of him and ran again.

"You get back here you fucking stupid girl!" I heard my father scream.

"Ill fucking kill you!" He screamed.

I ran down the side walk faster and faster I heard foot steps behind me and I began running more.

"Hey wait a second!" A voice called.

I ran into the forest and disappeared. I heard the tracks get farther away and eventually I was very far in. I tripped on a tree trump and fell flat to the ground. I felt my eyes water up and I began crying. No one could hear me. No one would love me. Not even my own family cared. My mom left me when my dad started being abusive and ever since then he takes it out on me. I covered my eyes with my face and heard foot steps begin to get closer.

"Katie..." A voice spoke.

"Katie its okay, come to daddy." He spoke.

I heard him get closer and eventually he found where I was. I got up off the ground and began backing away.

"What wrong Katie?" He questioned me with a creepy grin on his face.

"Fuck you, Fuck off!" I yelled.

"Now now, dont be a naughty girl." He replied.

I growled at him and he began to get closer.

"Stupid bitch just come here!" He demanded.

I backed up a bit and growled.

"What happened to my obedient little girl?" He spoke.

"Shes fucking dead, go to hell." I yelled.

His eyes flashed in anger and he began charging at me. I stood still in fear and watched as he run at me. I fell to the ground and I heard a falling sound. I quickly shot my head up and noticed my father was laying on the ground well a boy stood on top of him. It was the same boy from before the one with white hair. I felt my heart beating fast and they began fighting. The boy eventually knocked out my dad and I felt more tears falling from my eyes. I looked up at the boy and he walked towards me. He bent down to my level and picked me up off the ground.

"He won't be out for long ill bring you to my place." He spoke in a deep voice.

My heart was beating fast and I nodded my head. We walked out of the forest and eventually reached his house. He opened up the door and walked into the house. He slammed it shut and walked into what seemed to be the living room. He put me down on the coach and I felt more tears fall from my face. He walked into another room and came back with some water. He gave me the water and I drank it up. I gave him back the cup and spoke,

"Thank you.."

He smiled slightly and smirked.

"Anything for a cutie like you."

I felt my face go red and I turned my head away.

"How about a reward for saving you." He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and turned my head to him. I leaned in to kiss his check but as I did he turned his head over and I began kissing his lips. He pulled me into a hug and we began passonitaly making out. I felt him playing with my hair and I touched his face bringing him in closer. After we both couldn't take it anymore we pulled away. I fell flat on the coach expossed and embarassed. The boy smirked down at me and I hid my face.

"The names Travis by the way, just wanted to let you know because I'm not letting you leave tonight." He smirked at me and my heart began to race fast.

He pinned me to the coach and leaned down to my lips.

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