Aarin [2]

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Smut Warning

I pushed him back away from me and looked over his shoulder again. I could still see Katelyn and Aphmau on the couch except this time they had a little more clothes off.

My face turned a bright red and I looked back at Ein. Ein's smirk got larger and he turned around to look at them. I froze up in my spot and he turned back to look at me.

"Since we seem to be trying new things today..." I looked at him in shock and he put a hand on my cheek.

"I don't think I'm ready..." I mumbled staring down at the ground.

Ein chuckled and grabbed onto my wrist. He looked me dead in the eyes then began to head towards the stairs. He walked up the stairway and towards Aphmau's room.

"Wait a second that's Aph-"

"I know." He said.

"I'll just say they got a little too into it last night." He gave me a wink and opened up Aphmaus door.

Once we got inside he quickly closed it behind us.

I felt Ein grip onto my shoulder and I turned around.

He slowly backed me up to the bed and once we were close enough to it he pushed me down on it.

I looked up into Ein's lustful eyes and he went in for the kiss. I felt my heart begin to pound.

Our lips clashed and began to move in sync. I could feel the heat rushing through my body and right to my head. He put his hands in my hair and I held onto his cheek.

He bit down on my bottom lip asking for an entrance and I smirked. He took that as an entry and our tounges began to twist.

As that happened he slowly put his hand down my body and stopped by my pants.

I looked up at him in shock and he smirked. He bent down to my ear and gave it a small nibble.

"Don't worry.." He whispered into my ear.

His hands went under my pants and I shivered. He stopped at my boxers and held onto the elastic of it. He slipped his hand under my boxers and grabbed onto my dick.

He slowly stroked it up and down. I bent my back upwards and tried to hold in my moans.

He began stroking faster and I took a few deep breathes in. I looked over at Ein and he was grinning ear to ear.

He began to pump it and I felt it start to go hard.

"Hm hard already..." Ein laughed.

I moaned out in shock and fell onto the bed. He let go of my dick and took his hands away.

His hand was dripping with cum and I looked over at the side. I hid my face in the bed and I heard him chuckle again.

"Aw don't look away," Ein said.

I heard his footsteps come closer and the weight on the bed got heavier. I looked over and Ein got closer to my face.

He put his hand in his mouth and began sucking it all off. I looked away again and before I had the chance he pinned me up against the bed and I gasped.

He bent down to my neck and began to bit my shirt. He ripped off my shirt with his teeth and threw it onto the ground.

I grabbed onto Ein's shirt and slowly began to take it off. After I got it off I threw it down onto the floor as well.

Ein reached over to my pants and slowly began to take them off. He slowly guided my pants off my legs and stopped at my feet.

He dropped them down onto the ground and stood up on the bed.

He unbuckled his pants and began to take them off.

He dropped his pants down and stepped out of them. He crawled back onto the bed and on top of me.

He flipped me over to my back and I looked back at him.


"I'll be gentle..." Ein mumbled.

I looked back at Ein and he took off his boxers. His hard dick sprung out and he moved closer to my ass.

He slammed his dick into my ass and I screamed out in pleasure.


He began to slowly move in and out and he put his hand under my chest.

He slammed my ass and I groaned in pain. He began to get a little bit faster and I could feel it getting deeper. The deeper it got the hotter it felt.

The feeling began to well up in my stomach and I could feel myself getting wetter.

As Ein got deeper I felt his hand move on my thigh. He moved up towards my stomach and stopped at my dick.

He began to pump it again and I moaned. I felt the blood rushing to my head and I dropped my head down.

"Oh, baby~" Ein moaned.

He began thrusting faster and I heard him moan. I felt myself getting ready to cum and I moaned out in pain.

"Oh Ein!" I screamed.

I felt myself release and I dropped onto the bed. Ein took his hand off my dick and began to thrust faster. He put his hands on my ass and began thrusting until he couldn't anymore.

"I'm cumming!" Ein grunted.

He pulled out of me and cummed all over the bed. The once purple bed was now stained with white. He dropped down beside me I looked up at him breathing heavily.

He looked back at me and gave me a small peck on the lips.

"Mm so sweet..." Ein mumbled.

My face flushed red and I put my hands in his hair.

"That felt good..." I mumbled.

"Want some more..?" Ein asked smirking.

A huge smirk stretched across my face and I slowly put my hand down his body. I stopped at his dick and gripped it tight.

"It's your turn now."

NO REGRETSSSS now if u excuse me I have a smutty death book au to write with a bunch of different Aphmau ships.

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