Ein x Reader [1]

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For generations, our city had lived in fear of them. Fear of the folktales and rumours. Fear that one day they would become a reality.

I sat on my porch staring up at the stars.

"Y/N! Hurry up its time to make an offering!!" I heard my little brother yell from inside.

I sighed and got up. I turned around and opening the wooden door I noticed my family was already gone. I raced through the house with bare feet and threw open the back doors.

My family was already headed to the back pound. I ran to catch up with them and then began walking slowly.

"I wonder who the sacrifice will be today...?" My brother asked curiously.

I sighed and we stopped in front of the lake. Everyone else in the town had gathered and was ready to begin.

At the front of the lake stood the mayor with his wife. They began to hand out pieces of paper with a pencil and I wrote my name down on it.

We all went up one at a time and dropped our paper in a large vase.

The point of this all was to pick someone who would be given as a sacrifice to the Wolf God.

The mayor stood at the top of a chair and his wife passed the vase over to him.

The way it worked was every name would be drawn out until there was one name left. After one name was left they'd be chosen to leave.

I gulped nervously as he began reading out names.


It had been 30 minutes already and we were getting down the last couple of names. The mayor pulled out a piece of paper from the jar and as he read the name I sighed in relief knowing it was mine.

I looked beside me almost everyone in my family had been called out so far. Everyone except one, my little brother.

He stood there nervously playing with his hands as we waited for his name to be drawn out.

They called out more and more names but my brothers never came.

"It is finally time for the last name of today this person will be the sacrifice!" He shouted out as he reached into the pot.

He pulled out a slip of paper and carefully opening it he read out my brother's name.

I looked over at him his eyes were wide and full of fear well he began to shake on the spot.

People began whispering to each other and I gave him a look of sorrow.

He began to slowly back away from everyone. He eventually backed away so far that nobody was around him. As he took one look in front of him he turned around and began to sprint away.

Everyone gasped and soon the air was filled with cries. As he ran he cried and cried and eventually he disappeared so far in that nobody could hear his cries.

Everyone stood there shocked and didn't move a muscle.

Someone could've stopped him from running away. Someone could've got him back to fulfill his duty but who am I to talk. It's not like I moved a muscle either.

The whole town was now staring at me and my family and I shuffled over to hide behind my dad.

"Find that boy and bring him back for the cells!" The mayor shouted.


It had been a day since my brother disappeared. Nobody had been able to find him and my families home was put on watch.

I walked out of the house cautious of all the stares on me as I made my way into town.

People would not let this go there was a reason we'd sacrifice people.

Every day the Wolf God would protect our lands and keep it away from bad weather, illness, and outsiders as long as he was given a sacrifice but ever since yesterday when we didn't send him one the weather has be stormy and people have began to wander into our town. Illness had fallen on many children and we had really messed up bad.

As I walked in the town I headed to the place to where I had last seen my brother.

I turned back to look at the town and headed into the forest. I had to find him he wasn't even dressed in anything to show he was a sacrifice he was just in his normal everyday clothes.

If the Wolf God was to see him he'd give us punishment for this.

I took in a deep breath and began to run into the forest. I pushed past tree branches and ran around bushes.

The deeper I got the darker it began to get. Not to mention it was so much colder.

No one had gone into this forest and those who did never came back out. I sighed one last sigh and as I turned a corner I noticed something from the corner of my eye.

It was like a flash of darkness. Something had ran by before my eyes and then disappeared into the darkness of the forest. As I ran further in it only got darker.

I looked from the corner of my eye and noticed something running my way. It was in a human figure but it had a pair of ears on its head.

As it got closer it grabbed onto me and I was pushed to the ground.

I slammed into the dirt and was sent flying down a path of it. I groaned in pain and whatever had pushed me down was now on top of me.

They began to growl and I turned my head back to look at them.

"Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?"

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