Aarmau [1]

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I pushed past people dodging and running with a dagger held tightly in my hand. I pushed past people in my way but my eyes remained on one target. The black coat covered them as they pushed through the crowd. They were close now very close. I could almost grab them with my hand although I'd much rather stab them with my knife but grabbing them worked too.

It had caused a huge scene but no matter what they were the one I'd get. Reaching my hand out I grabbed onto the back of their collar and pulled them back. They let out a gasp in surprise and stumbled back. I ripped them back onto the ground and brought the knife to their neck they looked at me in utter shock and I pulled out my badge from my pocket.

"FBI you're under arrest." I mumbled holding my badge out while I held them down.

"Shit." He mumbled out looking at me.

Police cars came speeding in and civilians were evacuated. The police rushed in to my side pointing a gun down at the guy. I let the dagger away from his neck and turned him onto his back. I took out a pair of handcuffs from my pocket and placed them over his hands.

Getting up off the ground I pulled him up with me and into an officer.

"Send him to FBI headquarters."

I walked away from the crowd of people and police. I hurried over to my car the crowd started to quiet down a bit and only whispers could be heard.

The ringing sound of my phone echoed throughout my car as I stepped inside the drivers seat. Closing the door I took out my phone answering,


"Phoenix we need you to return here right away we got a good one for you." The voice on the other side of the phone said laughing.

"Got it."

Closing my phone I threw it on the seat beside me and put on my shades. Starting up the car I began to race back to headquarters.

When I arrived I hurried through the front doors. People greeted me as I hurried down the hallway. My main target now was the interrogation room. I pushed open the door and stopped in my tracks. The criminal sat handcuffed to the chair but laughing. All attention turned to me when i entered.

The smug smirk on his face grew as i took a seat in front of the table.

"Aphmau Phoenix I've heard about you." He said laughing and staring at me.

"So tell me why did you turn yourself in?"

"An observant one even more impressive." He said giving me a smile.

"The rest if you leave." I grumbled glaring down at him.

The other officers shuttered at my glare but he kept his cool still smiling.

When the door closed it was just me and the jet black haired man. His cold grey eyes poured into mine as the handcuffs on his wrist snapped off. I sighed out and rolled my eyes.

He shuck his wrists a bit and turned his attention back to me.

"Now where were we..."

"We were at the part where you'd sit down and put your cuffs back on." I snapped back.

"Now now no need to get so aggressive." He said laughing.

He began to walk closer towards me and I stood my ground.

"Aaron Lycan 23 years old inherited his fathers company when he was only 20 years old. The youngest CEO and arms dealers in the country."

"Oh so you've heard about me." He asked as a smirk tugged at his lips.

"No me an FBI agent knowing about the most wanted arms dealer in the country? Never!" I said out sarcastically only gaining a laugh from him.

Aaron reached into his pocket and as he did I quickly reached into mine. We both pulled out a gun at the same time pointing it directly at each other.

"So now what exactly would be your reason for infiltrating the FBI's headquarter."

He shrugged his shoulders and glared into my eyes.

"I heard they had some interesting merchandise."

"Merchandise huh?"

"Looks like ill be making it out with it as well." He said laughing slightly.

"Not a chance Aaro-"

Before I could answer he grabbed onto my wrist and twisting it I dropped the gun in my hand. Aaron bent down and wrapped his arms around my legs. I yelped out in surprise as he threw me over his shoulders.

"Looks like I got my merchandise."

New story out but One piece related (Eustass Kid x Reader)

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