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It was a bright sunny morning. The sun shined in through the windows of my shop and as I was daydreaming away the bell went off indicating someone had just walked in.

I looked ahead to see the regular blonde haired boy. He approached the counter and I gave him a smile.

"Good morning." He said flashing a smile.

"Morning, what can I get you today?" I asked still smiling.

"Can I have a dozen roses?" He asked.

I nodded my head and went to grab him the roses. I picked up a bokay of roses and went back to the front desk.

I put them down on the counter and he sighed still smiling a cheerful smile.

"That will be 51.80$," I said.

He took out a fifty and the change placing it down on the counter I counted it up before handing him the floors.

"Another date?" I asked still smiling.

"Yep." He replied.

"Taking her out to a restaurant soon and just hoping that she's the one." The blonde haired boy mumbled pushing back his hair.

"Well, you'd better get going don't wanna be late." He gave me another grin before turning around and leaving.

I sighed dropping down to my desk and stared at the bits of money.

Garroth Ro'mave one of the richest but kindest boys I'd ever met. But being kind is not always a good thing.

He had a lot of money. About three times a week he'd come in and buy some sort of flowers from me. We really did get along.

We were the type of friends that would talk when we saw each other.

But something about seeing all the girls that used him and watching him buy flowers for other girls hurt.

I didn't have a right to be upset because he was just buying them out of the kindness of his heart for the girls he dated.

It had always made me upset but even so, I had to keep smiling.

He dated a lot of girls but it was never him who dumped any of them. Most of the time they'd dump him if he stopped buying them gifts or bringing them flowers.

I didn't like Garroth for any of those reasons though. Yes, there's no denying he was handsome but I loved his personality. I loved the way he smiled and laughed. I didn't care about silly gifts or expensive stuff I just cared about him.

I took the money off the counter and popped it in the cash register after that was finished I looked up at the time and sighed.

I had a full day ahead of me.


It was finally lunch time. I'd get the chance to go out grab a quick bite to eat and relax a little.

I closed up shop before I left and walked down the sidewalk.

Our town wasn't that busy. Although we had a lot of people there weren't many who took the time to go out around this area.

As I slowly took my time heading to the nearest fast food restaurant something caught my attention.

To the left was a more fancy restaurant. Inside near the window, I could see Garroth. He was chatting away with a cute pink haired girl. They seemed to be both having a good time.

Maybe he'd finally found the one he was looking for.

I sighed and walked by the restaurant. I'd get my food and quickly got back.


After getting my food and finally closing up for the day I exited out of the place and locked the door behind me.

It was dark outside and time for me to walk home. I walked down the dark sidewalk the street lights flickered off and on making me feel uneasy.

On my way home I passed by the same restaurant Garroth and the girl was in. I sighed knowing they were probably together right now doing who knows what.

I passed by the restaurant I was getting closer to my home. It was only past the park. As I passed the park I heard weird noises. I looked around scared and stopped in my place. I could hear the noises of stuff being smashed.

It was hard to see in the darkness but then something caught my attention. On the bench, I could see someone lying down.

I slowly approached the bench, cautious of what was around me.

"A-are you okay?" I asked the person sitting down.

They flipped over to me and I gasped.

"Garroth whats wrong?!" I asked confused.

He sat up on the bench with a beer bottle in hand. His hair was a mess and his tie was halfway off. I sat down beside him and took the bottle out of his hands.

"No more drinking..." I mumbled.

"She wasn't the one.." Garroth said in a depressing voice.

"What happened?"

"She lashed out on me and said how she was just using me to get close to my familes business. She complained about my gifts and how they weren't expensive enough. Are my gifts too cheap??" He asked confused and drunk.

I grabbed onto Garreth's hand and he looked over at me.

"Garroth you don't need to always buy girls gifts and you'll never find the right girl if you keep doing that. They won't love you they will only love your gifts and they won't leave till they can't handle it anymore. You need to find someone who loves you for you not what you buy them."

"So like you...?" He asked.

"Yes like me-"

Before I could finish my sentence I quickly put a hand over my mouth realizing my mistake.

My face turned a bright red and Garroth tilted my chin up.

"Thank you.." He mumbled.

He placed a kiss on my forehead then pulled me in for a hug.

"Want to give it a try...?"



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