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I swam around in the water my tail moving around as the water moved. I swam around fish and sharks as the sunlight hit the water.

I swam up to the surface and peeked out a bit. The sun hit my eyes and I gasped at the air. I quickly swam back under the water and sighed.

It had been 5 years since I'd been back. After falling overboard I had never seen any of them again. I was banned from my own Kingdom and stuck to live in the sea alone.

I'm not sure why I ever went back to turn human. But for some reason, I felt like I couldn't. I couldn't do it but today was different.

Today was the day I'd finally go back. I'd go back and find him.

I swam to the bottom of the ocean and began to come up to a cave. I stopped in front of the cave and pushing open the small beads I floated in.

"Tavari?" I yelled walking into his cave.

"Aphmau come in."

I floated in further and Tavari stood in front of a desk with a few potions.

"You want to go back don't you." He said picking up a purple potion.

"Yes.." I replied.

He turned around and handed out the potion to me. I took it from his hands and smiled.


"Thank you." I turned away from Tavari and swam out of his cave.

I swam as fast as I could and as I reached the top of the ocean I took out the potion.

I threw the cap to the side and as it floated in the water I tipped the bottle up.

The potion fell into my mouth and as it did I could feel myself changing. My bones began cracking and as I looked down my tail was gone. The scales disappeared on my body and there was a pair of legs.

I swam up into the air and took in a deep breath.

I was finally back.


As I got onto the ground I looked around for anything I could use to cover me. On the beach there were people. But only a small group of them. They laid relax on the sand they couldn't see me.

I slowly snuck up to them. Their eyes were closed and there was a pair of clothes on the side. I bent down to pick them up and as they both rolled around I sprinted away.

I ran towards the nearest bush and put on the clothes. When the clothes were finally put on I sighed.

It's time to find him.


I ran through the street as I looked around. I couldn't see him anywhere. I whimpered and kept walking around back and forth.

"Aaron!!" I shouted.

People were staring at me. Maybe it was the clothes I was wearing or maybe it was that I was soaking wet.

"Aphamu..." I heard someone mumble.

I turned around and a smile grew on my face. Aaron stood before me trying to catch my breath.

I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. He held onto my tight and began to walk down the street.

"What are you doing here?" He asked holding me tighter.

I wrapped my legs around him as he entered a building.

"I'm here to see you..." I replied blushing.

He dropped me down onto a couch and the clothes I wore began to open up. I laid sprawled out on the couch. He stared down at my body and I stared at him confused.

"What's wrong...?" I asked shyly covering myself up.

He slowly got down on me and grabbed onto my arms.

"What are y-"

He grabbed onto my face and took my lips. They clashed together and I gasped into his mouth. He closed his eyes and his hands began to roam around my body. I shivered in shock and closed my eyes.

His hands began to travel up my body and he broke away from the kiss. I opened up my eyes. He began to take off his pants but before he could I grabbed his arm.

"Don't you think this is moving too fast..." I mumbled.

"More like to slow.." He said removing my pants.

He pushed me further down. His hands began to travel down my chest. They stopped near the start of my legs and he opened them up.

"I'm putting it in.." He said moving towards my entrance.

His tip hit my entrance causing me to flinch. I grabbed onto his wrist and he began to slowly move into me. I gasped in shock and arched my back. He began to push himself in and out. My heart began racing and tears formed in the corner of my eyes.

He began to move back and forth and as he did I rocked my hips in sync. I moaned out his name as he began to speed up.

As he smashed into my harder I fell back. My head hit the back of the couch and Aaron didn't stop.

"Ah- ngl ah!" I cried out in pleasure.

"I'm cumming!" I screamed as he got faster.

He went faster and faster. Pulling in and out as my body heated up. I pulled myself up and fell onto Aaron.

As he hit me one last time cum dripped down from me. I moaned out and fell back onto the couch.

Aaron slowly pulled out of me. I sat up on the couch and Aaron began to pull up his pants.

"I can't feel my legs?!?" I yelled touching them.

I push myself up off the couch buy immediately fell back down.

"Oh, honey when I'm done you won't be able to feel anything but pleasure."


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