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I walked to the school. It was cold and windy but I was okay. I arrived at the school doors and stared.

I slowly opened them placing my feet inside it was much warmer in here then out there.

Today was the day I had switched classes. I ended up switching to an applied math class for the day since my teacher was away. They decided to split us all up because they couldn't get a suply.

I walked down the halls and headed to my locker. Opening my locker I put my lunch away. I closed my locker and headed up stairs.

Today I was too be alone Id be stuck by myself in a class with people I didn't know. A teacher I didn't know either.

I walked slowly up the stairs. Once up I opened the door. Walking around up stairs I eventually found the class I was in. I walked over to the teacher and greeted her shyly. She looked at me and smiled slightly.

"Welcome to our class. My name is Mrs. Oero its nice to meet you Aphmau. You will be sitting over there for the day. Until my thrid class then you must switch seats." She said smiling sweetly.

I nodded my head and made my way over to the seat. I sat down, it was strange to be sitting here. As the class began to come in they all stared at me. I gulped nervously and looked down at the floor.

"Don't mind her everyone she will be here for the day." The teacher stated sharply.

I looked back up a bit. She noticed my uneasy ness and her face showed worry.

"Aphmau would you like to switch seats." She asked.

I nodded my head as a no and she looked away.

"Alright class lets countiune."

As the next two classes went by it was getting more strange. Everyone kept straing. Maybe it was because I've never meet them but they showed disgust on there face not only that but fear. A small part of them showed fear it worried me. Why show fear to the shy girl who hasn't done anything but sit in a chair. We reached the end of second period and I decided it was time to take a breath. I walked over to the teacher.

"Can I use the washroom?" I questioned.

"Yes you may." She replied.

I walked out of the class and headed for the washroom. I opened the door walked over to the mirror, I took a deep breath and looked at myself. I played around with my hair making sure my hair bow was just perfect. After about 10 minutes of fooling around I decided it was time to head back to class. I walked to the washroom door and opened it leaving. I returned to my class and by the time I was back the thrid period class was already here. I closed the door behind me and stood still.

"Class since we will be having an assembly soon you may do as you please until we are called down." The teacher stated.

The class cheered in exciment and people began wondering around talking. I looked around the class and stopped looking when my eyes met with a boy. I smiled to myself recognizing the boy.

"Garoth!" I yelled.

He jumped in his seat and looked up at me. I smiled at him and made my way over to him. I sat down beside him and as I sat down his face went pale.

"Aye long time no see."

No response,

"Hello Garoth??"

Still no response,

"Em Garoth..?" I questioned.

He leaned over to me and whispered in my ear,

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