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I walked down the school hallway holding my books in hand. I sighed and looked inside of the gym. A few boys were preparing for a basketball game and one of them caught my eyes.

He dribbled the ball around passing each defender. He ran up to the net and jumped up. He threw the ball in the net and was dangling off the basketball net.

People began screaming and yelling like boys usually do. He dropped down from the net and wipped his red hair to the side.

He looked over in my direction and our eyes met. My face turned red and I quickly looked away. I turned away from the door and quickly went down the hall. I pushed my glasses up on my face and quickly went up the stairs.

The bell went off and I ran to my class


I stared at the board. The teacher talked on and on but I wasn't listening.

I put my arm on the desk and leaned on it day dreaming.

That boy I saw earlier he was really really cute. His red hair that hung down his face. He noticed me. Id heard about him before though but I didn't have a chance.

Many girls liked him and he was quite popular with everyone.

I sighed and looked back up.

"Class today we will be going downstairs to watch the basketball game." She announced.

I quickly looked up and my eyes sparkled. People started cheering and got up out of there seats. They all stopped at the door and I got out of my seat.

I hid at the back of everyone and we headed out.

I was kind of alone in school. Its not that I didn't want to make friends its that I couldn't. I pushed a little piece of hair out of my face and fixed my ponytail.

We stopped infront of the gym doors and people began to run inside I followed after them and sat down on the bleachers. I sat in the very back and in a corner.

I looked around and noticed him again. He was sitting on the bench. He wiped his hair back and grabbed a water bottle. He drank some of the water and I could see some of the girls around me fan girling.

I sighed again staring at him and he looked up. He began to look around the bleachers and our eyes met.

"OMG BLAZE IS STARING IN OUR DIRECTION!" One of the girls yelled.

So blaze was his name. I looked at him in the eyes and he winked. I quickly looked away hitting my head against the wall.

I looked at him from the corner of my eyes and he giggled a bit. My face heated up in embrassment and I looked down.


It was almost the end of the game and I stared onto the court. Blaze had the ball and he was dodging people left and right. There was 10 seconds left on the clock and he was still on his side of the court.

5 seconds later and he wasnt even at the halfway line. He stopped in place and jumped.

2 seconds left.

He raised his hands into the air and threw the ball.

The ball began to head for the basket and it started spinning around the net.

People gasped in shock as the ball tilted over.

Then it titled in.

People began screaming running onto the court. They picked Blaze up and everyone was cheering. I looked up at the score.

It was 56 - 55.

I smiled and got up off the blechers. They put Blaze down and the girls began surronding him. He was laughing and taking with them. I shoved some more hair out of my face and headed towards the door.

May as well be early for my next class.

I looked back and once again Blaze was staring at me.

My face turned red and I turned my head around. I began walking and I made my way to my next class.


The rest of the day I spent thinking about him. I couldn't get him out of my head. It was just so much.

The bell rang meaning the final class was over and I walked out of the class.

I took the stairs that I usually took down. I was glad to take them. They were empty most of the time but not today.

I opened up the doors and felt shivers go down my spine. I saw some of the girls that were hanging around Blaze and I quickly moved pass them. They were looking at me and I looked away from them.

When I passed them something tugged on my shirt. I turned around and I got a quick slap to the face. I fell onto the ground and my face hit the floor.

My glasses flew off and I felt my ponytail come out. I looked up and I couldn't see much before me.

"Stay away from Blaze you hoe!" She yelled.


"Shut up bitch!" The other yelled.

I whimpered a bit and put my hand on the ground. I began to search for my glasses but I couldn't find them.

I heard something crack and I looked around.

"Haha wow." One of them laughed.

"What are you doing!" Someone yelled.

"B-Blaze!" One of them yelled.

I felt my face heat up and I looked around me. I felt someone pick me up off the ground and I squealed.

"Get lost!" Blaze growled.

I heard footsteps begin to get further away and Blaze put my glasses on my eyes.

I looked up at him teary eyed and he held me close.

"I noticed you staring at me." He smirked.

I looked away from him and down at the floor.

"S-so what." I mumbled.

"Whats your name?" He asked.

I looked back at him and smiled a little.

"Dottie." I mumbled.

Blaze played around with my hair a bit and pulled me closer to his chest.

"Blaze!" A few people yelled.

We looked over and I noticed the girls from before. They came back with a few other people and they were shocked.

"Who is that girl?" One of them asked confused.

"Why are you holding her!?" Another yelled.

"This girl is my mine." He growled.

I looked up at him in shock and he kissed my forehead.

"And nobody is going to touch her but me."

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