Aarmau [1]

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I sat down in my house staring out the window. Today was the weekend the sun was finally shinning and the sky was clear. For once in awhile we finally had sun. No rain no thunderstorms just the sun.

The sun shinned onto the chair I was sitting on. I held my phone in my hands and stared out the rather large window. I could see a lot that was going on outside. I laid my head against the chair a bit and looked back down at my phone. I was reading a new manga that I had just recently discovered. It had kept me occupied for the last few days. I had been stuck staying at my fathers house as my mother was going out on a cruise with her boyfriend. It would be a very long week.

I was close with my father but we fought here and there. It was always hard to tell what kind of a person he was so staying here for a long period of time made me uneasy.

I put my phone down beside me reaching out to the window I placed a hand on it.

The area he lived in was a rather sketchy place. There were a lot of robberies as well as drunks. It didn't seem like the kind of neighbourhood to have stuff such as that but it did. Across the street were new houses being made. There was a rumour floating around that a group of guys took over the house and were using it as there own personal base.

The construction workers stayed clear of the area and they decided it was best to leave the houses be. The first time they tried to kick them out apparently a few of them disappeared and hadn't been seen since. The thought of that made me shiver in fear.

But the idea of it made me curious. I had heard that one of the guys had there own personal library in the house and thats what I was after. I was normally the type of girl who was good but when it came to books I'd do anything to get my hands on them. Even if that meant breaking the law. They had something I wanted and I planned to get it.

Sometimes movement could be seen in the house but not very much of it. In the daylight nobody had been caught leaving the house so it was best to go to it at night.

I jumped up off the chair and looking around I grabbed my ear buds and phone. As I plugged them in I began to play my music and headed outside. Although being outside was very dangerous I never went anywhere. I'd just sit on the porch and watch the cars drive by.

I opened up the front door of the house and took a seat. The door closed shut behind me as laid my head against a small white pillar. The street was as loud as it normally was which. All I could hear was the sound that rung in my ears as each beat was played. My eyes wandered around the street and as they did I noticed a few boys. They seemed to be around my age which was never really good. Most of the time they'd stare or give flirtatious looks which made my blood boil.

I looked back over at them and I felt my heart begin to sink as they were walking towards me. A few of then ran across the street as cars honked at them. A few almost got hit but would just flip off the drivers even though they were at fault. A few of them began to approach me and then finally stopped.

"Hey lovely how you doing today?" One of them asked giving me a smirk.

I looked back down at my phone ignoring there question.

"Um are you deaf?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

I rolled my eyes and opening up my phone I began to type on it. Theres no way I'd let them know I can speak but if they thought I spoke another language they may leave me be.

Turning my phone to face them they stared at what I wrote.


He blinked at the message a few times and then rubbed the back of his head.

"Shit I aint speak whatever she speaking what about you guys?"

They all replied with a no and the few others that were behind them finally caught up. I turned my phone back to my face and smiled.

"Hey Aaron can't you speak a bunch languages?" The guy asked.

I immediately froze up in my spot and my heart began racing. Shit I'd be caught. I only knew a few words in french definitely not much.

"Yea why?" He asked suspiciously.

"Well the bitch doesn't speak english." I bit down on my teeth and glared at the guy named Aaron.

He stared down at me and then slowly began to approach me. He bent down to my level and took my phone from my hand. He began to type something on my phone and then slowly handed it back to me.

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