Dermau [2]

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Why am I writing this small lemon warning (its small cause I wrote the story too much)

I blushed after Derek kissed my hand and decide to head back to my office. My face was bright read and glowed even more as I people stared. I sat down in my own office and taking out some files I began to do a little more work.

First day on the job and the boss himself wanted to take me out for dinner.

I shock my head and focused back on the work. I had to get this all done before tonight.


I sighed in my chair as I had already finished all my work. Most of the people had already left the office and there was a light knock at my door.

"E-Enter." I said nervously.

The door slowly creaked open and inside walked the boss.

"You ready?" He asked holding on his jacket well he checked his watch.

"Y-Yes." I replied getting up from my seat.

I pushed in the chair and shutting off my computer I made my way over to him. He held out his hands and I blushed lightly slowly taking it. He was gentle as we walked out of the room holding onto my hand lightly and stay at a slow pace so not to drag me. I shiver a bit of the coldness in the building and I felt something being placed on my back.

I looked up at Derek and he placed his jacket over my back. I smiled to him gently and held onto it tight covering up my arms from the cold. The smell of his cologne filled my nose and it felt relaxing.

"So where are we going anyways?" I asked as we walked down the stairs.

"Its a restaurant close by I booked a private room."

"Huh?" I asked looking up at him confused.

"So it can be just the two of us." He replied laughing.

I smiled and nodded my head we opened up the front doors out and headed to his car.

"Ladies first." He said opening up the side door.


We had been at the restaurant for a bit now talking away and getting to know each other better. The more I talked to him the harder I fell. The smile he gave me every time he spoke man my heart tingle.

He was a gentleman he hadn't been rude or anything of such since we first met. I felt comfortable around him.

As we laughed and talked a bit more I by accidentally kicked his leg. He looked up at me raising an eyebrow.

"I-I didn't mean to sorry!" I said squeaking.

He laughed at that and returned a smile,

"Don't worry I know." His face turned a little red and I looked down at the dessert in front of me.

It was a brownie covered in ice cream. I smiled too myself as I began to dig away into the food. I looked up at Derek as I was still eating and got up out of his seat. He walked over to me and bending down to my level he grabbed a napkin and wiped my face.

"T-Thank you..." I blushed.

He gave another smile and as he turned around I noticed something on his face as well.

"Wait." I said grabbing onto his shirt.

He turned around and I took the napkin from his hand. Getting up I wiped off the bit of food on his face.


"Can I kiss you?" My eyes batted at that and I looked up at him.

"If you want to."

He nodded his head and bending down he grabbed onto my chin. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of his lips hit mine. Our lips began to move together and he pushed me up against the chair. I sat back down and we began to kiss even more separating and then kissing again. He let go of my chin and his hands began to travel down my chest.

My heart began to race and they stopped at the top off my chest. He broke away from the kiss and looked me in the eyes.

I nodded my head giving him permission to go further.

His hands travelled into my shirt and began to massage my chest. I moaned a bit at that and he kept one hand in my dress as the other travelled further down. He stopped near my panties and began to make circular motions on my thigh. I covered my face embarrassed with this all and his hand began to slowly creep into my panties. He flicked the lace a bit and his other hand began to get a little rougher with my chest. He looked up at me again and smiled at my embarrassment.

My insides were just aching for him to touch me further. I could feel my pussy pounding at this point. His hand began to slowly touch it and as he did he went up and down. Using one finger he stroked it. He stopped playing with my chest and brought his other hand down. He put one finger near my pussy and began to slowly put it in. I gasped at that and it sucked his finger inside. I could feel him touching the roof of it as his finger moved around. He slipped another finger inside and I could feel it opening more.

My stomach began to feel weird at this point and I moaned as he pushed them further in. Then there was a third finger I rolled my eyes back in pleasure and he began to pump them in and out. One hand was moving around my clit well the other was inside of me.

I could feel myself beginning to get hot and I began to pant a bit. I could feel myself nearing my climax. He began to pump even faster and I moaned out again. As I moaned one class time I came all over the chair. Derek took his fingers out and stopped playing around. He licked his hands cleaned and I stared up at him still panting of exhaustion.

"Shit.." Derek mumbled.


"We should do this again sometime." He said before I could speak.

I nodded my head and stared down at myself.

"Don't worry you can stay with me for tonight."

"Thank you Derek."

"Anytime Aphmau."

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