Issue #1: Welcome to My Nightmare

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"This guy's deranged. I don't want him anywhere near my team."

"Your concerns have been acknowledged and discarded, Lawton." Waller said as she waited for (L,N) to arrive. With her were Deadshot, Harley, and Boomerang getting ready to go on a mission of their own as well as the usual Belle Reeve staff.

"I'd seriously reconsider this, Waller. This guy seems to be totally demented." Emilia Harcourt stated.

"That's exactly it, Harcourt. He seems demented. But he's a lot more in tact with his sanity than the papers will have you believe. He'll understand reasoning and will listen to orders. He's only a danger to the missions if he gets angry. One of his psychiatrists were able to discover that Crane's fear gas created a second personality before they resigned, which is the real Crimson Ghost. While (L,N) killed Crane in his Grim Reaper cosplay, The Crimson Ghost is the one who killed his other victims."

"So what you're saying is this guy's a schizo with multiple personalities, one of them's a sociopath and the other one's a psychopath." Economos said. "I'm sorry I'm just not understanding what this douche bag can offer that we don't already have."

"You're not paid to understand, you're paid because you bring me my morning coffee and track my inmates so they don't escape." Waller snapped back at Economos. "Because if you were, I'd fire you for not looking into his file more. He had a notebook full of new innovative weapons and his locker was filled with some prototypes and unfinished drafts. He's remarkably creative in creating new ways of torture and I'm sure his improv skills would be put to great use on the field. A true mad scientist and psychotic genius."

"See, Harls? You didn't have to pick one or the odda. Ya could've been both!" Boomerang told Harley.

"Yeah but I mean being really smart has it's merits." Harley said being oblivious to the actual insult.

"Flag's on the line. (L,N) was retrieved successfully and hasn't given anyone any problems." Fio Crawley said.

"Let's head out before your mission, then. I want (L,N) to get acquainted with as many inmates as possible." Waller stated as the group walked out towards the entrance of Belle Reeve.

. . .

"You know the Hannibal Lecter garb is a little insulting. What's with mouth muzzle? I never tried to eat anyone." I told the military guy they sent to get me. Rick Flag.

"Well, we like to be a little on the safe side. Word is you're as crazy as The Joker." Rick told me. I thought about it for a second looking off into the distance.

"Yeah, fair enough." I agreed.

"You don't seem all that crazy." One of the others said. Pretty girl. Black hair, pale skin, red leggings and red top under a black dress with a short that's probably a little too short but I'm not complaining.

"Wait until you see me in the mask." I told her.

"Is that supposed to be some sort of 'you wouldn't like me when I'm angry' thing? Gonna take a lot more to intimidate me, pal." The one that looked like he was wearing a satellite dish in his head said. I think I heard them call him Peacemaker which is absurd considering the sentence I heard them say his name was 'PEACEMAKER! MISSION WAS TO HAVE AS LITTLE CASUALTIES AS POSSIBLE! KILL ONLY IF NECESSARY, NOT IF CALENDAR MAN WAS LOOKING AT YOU FUNNY!' Although to be fair, I doubt anyone's missing Calendar Man.

"Where did you get this guy? He seems like an asshole." I told the others.

"Oh wow, I guess you're as smart as Waller says you are." The girl said.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out about Peacemaker." The one dressed like he was from a safari said. I think his name was something Tiger.

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