Issue #11: Forward to Death

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"We've lost contact with Task Force X. Not even Colonel Flag is responding to our comms." Harcourt said.

"Dammit!" Waller cursed. "It's safe to assume those idiots are all dead. And damn them for bringing Colonel Flag to the grave with them."

"Hey, just spitballing here, but an idea for next time is maybe don't send a bunch of first time Squad members on a team together? Maybe throw in one of the OGs with them at least?" Economos suggested spinning around in his chair.

"No matter now. Send in another Squad to finish their job." Waller ordered her team.

"Shame your little pet project didn't work out, huh?" Harcourt said. Waller gave her a cold stare.

"I wanted a new leader for the Squad once Deadshot and Bloodsport outlived their usefulness. So yes, it is a shame."

"That psycho? A leader?" Economos asked bewildered.

"He would've made a great one. At least one of him would have."

. . .

"Well, I'm getting nothing from Waller." I said as we trudged through the snow of the forest. A bear came running towards us and Blackfire blasted it into next week.

"So does that mean we're free to go?" Terra asked.

"Negative. I bet there was some type of jammer that they deployed. They probably knew we were working with the government. Once we get far enough from the base we'll probably get communication back." I explained. A pack of wolves made its way to us and Terra raised up the ground underneath them and threw them a few miles away. "Besides where are you gonna go live your life in the middle of who-the-fuck-knows Russia? I say we keep going forward with the mission. That whole destroying the nukes thing wasn't gonna work with KGBitch anyways." I said.

"And who died and made you leader?" Terra asked.

"This dumbass, potentially." Blackfire said shaking around Rick.

"Do you wanna take it to a democracy? Who says I should be new team leader while Rick is out of commission?" I said before raising my hand. "Blackfire raise your hand, too." I told her before she growled and did what she was told. She raised the hand holding Rick. "He's now elevated so I count that as three." Terra flipped me off. "You're always free to leave. At least this time you'll be the one abandoning someone else." I said. Her slightly annoyed look became one of shock before she became visibly angry.

"Okay, enough of that shit! How do you know that!?" She asked. "First the abandonment issues then the threatening to bury me alive now this! How the fuck do you know so much about me!?"

"You caught on a lot faster than I expected." I said before holding up a hand. My finger tips became "smoke" in the air. "So my file says that I transform into smoke. Just smoke. That's what I tell everyone. You aren't native to Gotham so I doubt you would know this but this isn't actual smoke. It's The Scarecrow's Fear Gas. See how it's blueish and not just grey? When I transform and surround someone, I can enter their body and learn their deepest darkest fears. Since I found out I was going to be on the Suicide Squad I decided to see if I could use it to get people to do what I want and it looks like it worked."

"Wait, so when you brought up Starfire that was just-"

"Using your fear of being seen as the lesser sister and as a reject to get you to fight at the base." I explained.

"You think you can just use me you little-"

"I didn't use you for my own personal gain, relax." I interrupted Blackfire as she held a purple fist to my face. "I tricked you into fighting because I knew if you didn't, we were as good as dead, or Waller would've blown your head off and I wanted to keep my favorite member of the team alive." I explained. She put her fist down and took a step back.

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