Issue #7: Clean Up Before She Comes

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"Okay, again, these tests aren't the most conclusive considering what I'm working with but from the looks of it you're fine besides the dried blood and you should cover that cut up. There's no way in hell it doesn't get infected in this shit hole." Caitlin said as she finished up. After she said that Sebastian jumped off Cleo's shoulder and scurried away.

"Be careful! You know how the guards feel about rats!" Cleo called out. "God forbid that Blackfire girl sees him when I'm not there to protect him."

"Thanks, Snowflake, I owe you one." I told Caitlin. Again for some reason she looked away and hid her face. I think she really likes it but doesn't want to admit it.

"Whatever, just shut up and don't call me that." She said. I'm totally going to keep calling her that. "Now un-shut up. How come you know so much about me? Like The Flash thing and shit. Especially considering I never even got a thank you or recognition for it except for from Flash himself when I was just Caitlin."

"I told you I was a big fan."

"Yeah that's not gonna cut it, Ghost Guy."

"... After my initial... incident with Scarecrow, I couldn't just go back to being a psychology student. I needed a way out and I got into research science and trying to find ways to improve the world we lived in. And when I got into STAR Labs I found many break throughs by Caitlin Snow that they were trying to sweep under the rug and give credit to some of the other scientists. So I did a lot of research, fascinated by you, and I know you became Killer Frost and all by this time but I feel like they did it more because they couldn't stand some woman who came from a broken home and barely made it through her classes at Metropolis University was better than supposedly the world's top scientists." I explained. Caitlin stared at me with an amazed twinkle in her eye and she seemed totally speechless. I could hear a syllable barely find it's way out of her slightly open mouth but no full words came out and I didn't have enough to gather what she actually wanted to say.

"It sounds like you were a very brilliant scientist." Cleo complimented Caitlin. Before anything else could be said Caitlin stood up and just walked away. The three of us watched as she speed walked out of the room.

"Is she going to finish her food?" Abner asked pointing at it.

"Do you seriously enjoy eating this?" I asked him.

"...Nooooooooooooo." He said as he slowly took a spoonful of Grey mush and put it in his mouth.

"Did she seriously get that embarrassed because you acknowledged her accomplishments before coming here?" Cleo asked. "I guess I can't really criticize her."

"Why not?"

"I mean I did spend two hours reading back what you wrote on that note and working up the courage to thank you." She stated. I looked at her quizzically.

"What do you mean? I just said you didn't have to apologize."

"Well, I mean the..." She said before she trailed off with a cute smile on her face. She looked embarrassed but not like she wanted to run off like Caitlin.

"The what?"

"It's just that you wrote Don't worry about it, Beautiful." She said with a slight blush. I slightly froze up in embarrassment.

"I-I don't remember writing that." I admitted.

"I have it right here." She said pulling out the note from inside her shirt.

"You kept it?" I asked her.

"Why wouldn't I?" She said as she unfolded it. "See look, right here." She pointed it out and I saw not only that word there, but the rat I drew had little heart pupils in its eyes. I definitely don't remember drawing that. I hit myself in the heart a couple times to stop it from doing that thing that usually happens when I'm around Cleo. "Did you not mean it? It's fine if you-"

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