Issue #54: Change (In the House of Flies)

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"Where are we going?" Lee asked me as Firefly drove the bus away from Wayne Manor. Copperhead was now back with us and Cleo did her best to try to bandage up everything that looked like it was about to fall off of him. The fact he survived a fight with Killer Croc was admirable. Meanwhile I gently tended to Jane, resting her head on my lap and holding her hand as some sort of moral support.

"It's probably best we find a place to stay for the night. It might be a little harder though considering we're in Gotham now and half of us have been headline news at some point or another."

"Awwww that's cute, you think Firefly or Copperhead are headline newsworthy."

"At least I wasn't listed as 'other' in my story like you were with Quinn and KAFF KAFF Ivy." Firefly shot back. "I know a place but I'm not letting you all in. The least weird and least likely to KAFF break somKAFFthing are welcome. Doctor Spooky, Rat Face Knacker, and Sleepyhead."

"I think you called me twice and I take offense to one of those names." Cleo said.

"I called you once. I was talking about the girl passed out in Doctor Spooky's lap. Speaking KAFF of, she's been asleep for aKAFF KAFF KAFF while, should we poke her with a stick or is this average for Batman victims?" Firefly asked.

"Should we take you to a hospital? I mean we can't but I mean your cough has gotten extremely worse." I said.

"It's the sudden change from filtered to unfiltered air, it left a bad taste in my lungs. If I really need to I'll KAFF take a hit from my inhaler."

"You have an inhaler?" Cleo asked.

"I don't use it unless I have to."

"Why not?"

"What are you my old therapist?"

"Okay, enough!" Livewire shouted. "We're glossing over something really fucking important! Where am I supposed to stay with these freaks!?"

"...Let me ponder that for a second." I said before using my communicator. "Vertigo, what's your location and any ideas on where the team can stay for the night?"

"I'm ditching the cruiser and was actually on my way to the Iceberg Lounge. You're more than welcome to join me considering our funds are stowed away in your vehicle."

"I'm gonna punch him in the balls if he doesn't start speaking English." Lee muttered. That's when I heard Jane start to groan. I looked down and saw her starting to stir.

"Christ, how long was I out for?" She asked as she slowly opened her eyes. She finally looked up at me. "Hey."


"Where's Batman?" She then sat up. "And where the fuck are we?"

"Kinda a long story," She started to move to sit in her own space when she realized she was holding tightly to my hand. "But we're back on the bus. I can tell you the rest when we get situated." She looked up at me and back to the hand.

"Yeah, okay." She said. Then she moved another hand over mine, almost caressing it before she suddenly pried her other hand out of mine. "Give me back my hand, creep." As she woke up we ended up back in the main streets of Gotham.

"How are you doing back there, Copperhead?" Cleo asked.

"I'll live but I'm gonna have to shed in order to get back in the swing of things."

"You can shed!?" Lee asked.

"No. That was a joke."

"How was that a joke if you just said it like a statement?" Cleo asked him.

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