Issue #44: The Hangman's Daughter

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To start off with the good, I think Jane and I were starting to become friends. Close friends.

"Alright seriously, what the fuck is up with that Jane Doe fuck? She looks like something out of fucking Hellraiser?"

"I think she is something out of Hellraiser."

Half of our sessions turned into us calling other people names and then the other half was her telling me stories about her friends killed by The Brotherhood of Evil.

"So then the fucking asshole does the wrong flex and literally the whole street came."

"Came? What do you mean the whole street?"

"Like not even just us or the people around us, the actual street came too! And I mean we all jizzed, orgasmed, splooged!" She said before we started laughing. "Well, except Cliff. Chief didn't give him robo balls. And then the fucking chode faked an orgasm so he didn't feel left out!" We laughed again for a bit. I tried to keep a professional feeling between me and all my patients but Jane elevated herself on her own past that. There was just something about her. As the laughing died down she smiled and looked over to the corner of the room and sighed. "Yeah, even though he was a complete idiot and waste of the tin cans he was made with, Cliff was my best friend."

What I learned from our discussions is Jane had:

Cliff Steele: The Robotman. A big time race car driver in the 80's that got in a horrific car accident. The Chief put his brain in an indestructible robot suit... that kept breaking. His inability to feel anything made him go insane. Jane's best friend because of their shared cynicism. His death hit her the hardest, his decapitated robot head turning off in her arms with his last words being "Be better than me, kid." He has a daughter and grandson, Jane doesn't know much about them outside of that and hasn't seen them in almost ten years.

Rita Farr: The Elastigirl. I was surprised to hear that Rita was not only alive the last sixty years but friends with Jane. I knew her as Kay Lawrence in The Creature From the Black Lagoon. She was no Evelyn Ankers as Gwen Conliffe in The Wolf Man but she was great. Fell into a lake during the filming of one of her movies and was reported dead although no one believed the rumors, instead saying she got caught in a scandal with a Tijuana porno resurfacing in Hollywoodland and she had to flee the business. Really she "melted" as her bones and body became elastic and able to morph into multiple shapes and sizes. Once an arrogant and pompous hothead, Jane said she turned out to be a good person and a surprisingly good leader although she never told her. She was like a mother to Beast Boy.

Garfield Logan: The Beast Boy. Tara's "ex-boyfriend", but this was before he joined the Titans. His parents were explorers and as a child he was bitten by a monkey and contracted a serious disease. With no known cure they turned to The Chief who injected him with a serum that saved his life but also turned him green and gave him shape shifting abilities. Like all abilities bestowed upon her friends, he would give them their powers non-consensually. His parents were horrified but didn't disown or abandon him. They still loved him and apparently lied to him saying his powers were "a gift from God". They died in a rafting accident where Garfield feels responsible because he was able to turn into a bird but wasn't strong enough to pull both of his parents up with him as they fell down a waterfall. He lived with the rest at "Doom Manor" for a couple years before leaving to join the Titans. Jane tells me she regrets not being nicer to him or telling Cliff to be nicer but they were very anti-children in Doom Manor after Dorothy. One of her only two friends definitely still alive.

Dorothy Spinner: The Missing Link. Niles Caulder fucked a cavewoman and honestly I should stop there. According to Jane she was run over by the ugly train and no amount of super serum could make Garfield look more like a monkey than her. Jane really doesn't like Dorothy. Dorothy for some reason can make her imaginary friends appear to other people and they have powers, one of them almost killed them all and ruined Cliff forever. "The Candlemaker" got wax stuck in Cliff's brain and gave her neurological damage he never recovered from. She left to control her powers and as Jane put it "Good fucking riddance".

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