Issue #20: Horror Business

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"Hey, (Y,N)? Can you come in here for a second?" Komi asked from the bathroom. I was in the other room, looking up some Russian phrases and listening to a random music channel on the tv. I groaned and got up to go see what she wanted. I walked into the bathroom to see her submerged in bubbles on one side of the bathtub. "So, I realized that there's enough room in here for two people. And I've decided that, in my generous heart, I'll be gracious enough to allow you to join me, in an effort to save water."

"One, we're staying at this hotel for free, it's not like they charge us for how much water we use. In fact I don't think they charge anyone for the water they use at hotels. Two, what would you care about saving water considering not only that we're in Russia but you have no attachment to Earth or the rest of us here?"

"You're really bad at taking hints."

"No, I take them and I disregard them. Seriously, Komi I-"

"Alright how about this? You can't tell me you haven't been stressed out the last day or so? I mean the fate of millions on your back, having to lead us out of the military base with our lives, your other personality or whatever fighting for control over you and trying to keep him at bay, why not take this opportunity to relax? Ease your mind a little? Or would you like a bit more of a..." Komi slowly spread her legs to the opposite sides of the tub. "Open invitation?" She asked. The bubbles worked against me but it wasn't hard to imagine what was underneath.

"...Well, it has been a stressful 24 hours." I said weighing my options here.

"Gross! We bathe in that!" Komi shrieked and closed her legs and I turned around to see Tara looking on in disgust. "Oh don't be so much of a prude, space queen, it's not like you didn't strip me down and put me in an ugly, girly dress earlier while I was unconscious. Anyways we got the shit back. We also got some intel on the bitch upstairs. Group meeting time." Tara said before closing the door.

"Well I guess fun times over, it was good while it lasted." I said shrugging and walking out the door. Komi tried to protest for a second but I ignored her. I don't necessarily like leading Komi on like this but I feel it's the only way she'll understand I'm no good for her since the MPD and Murdering didn't give it away. I've gotten a little carried away with my selfish feelings for her today and I need to push her away before the Ghost can get to her. I walked into the main room that contained Rick who was now talking on comms with Waller, presumably. Tara was looking through the fridge in the kitchen before pulling out a beer. "Are you old enough to drink?"

"'A dedededede' that's how you sound." She once more mocked me. "We're super criminals, what do you care? But to answer your question: yes. We're in Russia."

"Affirmative. Flag out." Rick hung up on the comms before looking at us. "What's taking ET so long?"

"She was taking a bath." I answered.

"And do you have any idea how long it takes to wash cum out of your hair?" Tara asked before giving me an evil smirk.

"We didn't have sex!" I once more stated.

"Yeah, I guess Blackfire figured she wanted to start practicing doing the splits laying down on her back in a bathtub in front of a handsome guy with a nice package she's been on and off flirting with." Tara said rolling her eyes.

"You know I'd be more inclined to argue that we still weren't having sex if I wasn't focused on the fact that you just basically said I have a nice cock."

"I calls it like I sees it." She said before taking a sip of her beer and then spitting it out. "This tastes horrible! There's no way we're in fucking Russia and I can't get a decent alcoholic drink! I hate it here!"

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