Issue #15: The Four of Us Are Dying

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"There you are." I looked behind me and saw Komi effortlessly holding Tara up as she flew over to me.

"The whole point of her waiting for us was to give both of us a ride to Flag, r-tard. What the hell have you even been doing out here? Eating snow? What's up with you face?" Tara said. I did have some excess snow on my face and front of my clothes from falling into snow in the ground earlier. The headaches are starting to get harder and harder to deal with.

"Yeah, Sorry. I needed to take a bit of the walk on my own for a bit and away from the mask." I said.

"What's with you and the mask, Anyways?" Komi asked.

"Come on, seriously? You're smarter than that. The mask is The Crimson Ghost's way of fully taking over. Think of it as a video game character: the angrier I get, I have a little meter in the corner that gets filled. Once it gets filled and I want to kill, The Ghost comes out. But taking the mask away from me is like removing the button to activate it from the controller. But also, if I don't use the ultimate move that is The Ghost after the meter fills and I get angry, it starts taking away from my health bar."

"So, how much longer can you get angrier before something bad happens to you specifically? Like a heart attack or something?" Tara asked.

"Don't know. Don't wanna find out. I've wanted to try to contain it on my own but that doesn't look like it can be an option anymore. Pretty soon it's going to be too much and when it is, run away before he has a chance to see you. And I feel like that times getting closer and closer." I said. "But we should keep moving." I added.

"Then what are you waiting for, stud, an invitation? Hop on." Komi levitating closer to the ground.

"I'm sorry did you not just hear-"

"Oh my god, yes! We get it! You secretly care about us and you're afraid you're gonna go on the rag and try to kill us in a dumb mask! You don't want us to trust you! I tried killing you an hour ago because I got pissy and don't want to anymore! People change! Get over it! We're not your stupid Disney friends! I'm not gonna try to kill you anymore, Blackfire was never gonna do it, and we trust you to keep American Psycho under wraps unless it's absolutely necessary for him to show up! Maybe letting a couple other fuck ups into your life isn't the worst thing in the world." Tara said. She presented herself as annoyed but I could tell under the surface she was... genuinely concerned for me. I walked over to them and gave them a look.

"This isn't gonna work if we don't move around a little." I said.

"What's not gonna work?" Tara asked.

"Komi, put Tara down for a second." I said. Komi shrugged and dropped Tara.

"What are you- HEY!" Tara said as I grabbed her and held her bridal style. She looked at me with a slightly surprised look in her eyes and a slight blush. "You are deceptively strong." She almost whispered before shaking her head and going "B-but that doesn't mean you can just go around picking me up whenever you want perv! And don't even think about-"

"Relax, doll, I'll keep my hands to myself... well, as much as I can while carrying you. I'll avoid the whole private areas." I said. Komi then picked me up by hooking under my arms.

"Y-You better..." Tara muttered as we started flying through the woods.

. . .

"The hell took you so long?" Rick asked as we finally landed still about twenty minutes out from town, but now there was a road and the town was visible. Rick had a duffle bag, presumably with his and Tara's suits and Komi's armor.

"Team Bonding Exercise, Captain Crunch. You should've been there, it was really therapeutic. We could probably have helped find whatever traumatic experience lead you to being such a loser this late in your life." Komi teased.

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