Issue #23: I'm Going Slightly Mad

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I woke up sometime later with Tara sprawled out on top of me. The way we fell asleep she had no choice but to basically use me as the mattress instead. She must have felt me start to stir underneath her because she woke up not long after I did. She rolled off of me and rubbed her eyes as I sat up.

"Good morning." I yawned.

"Morning... how are you feeling?" She asked.

"Better than I was when you know what happened. You?"

"I... yeah I'm good." Tara said. "Look, I might have said some things last night like 'I need you' but I just want you to know I was drunk and I just woke up for a nightmare and I was desperate."

"You trying to convince me or yourself?"

"Oh shut up, ass." Tara said. After she did the door to the room opened up and Komi and Rick were on the other side.

"Up and attam soldiers, we've got worked to do." Rick said.

"Yeah, hurry up now, slaves. We have a clothes fitting to attend to." Komi said. She said it in an extra pompous and self indulgent tone.

"A what?" Tara asked.

"We're getting measured for our clothes for the ball tonight." I explained. "About that, where do I hide the scythe exactly? And where do you hide the bulletproof vest and the shotguns because I doubt you're dumb enough to go in there unarmed."

"We can work that out on the way to our fitting. Boys with the boys and girls with the girls." Rick said.

"I'm not letting these commie assholes dressing me!" Tara argued.

"Whatever they come up with has to be better than the absolute garbage you were wearing yesterday." Komi said. I know she's always been mean but did she get meaner than she was before?

"What the fuck did you just say to me!?"

"I just woke up I'm not dealing with this." I said rubbing my eyes.

"Neither am I. ET go cool off. You two go get ready to go." Rick said before closing the door.

"What's up that bitch's ass!?" Tara asked. She stood up and started stretching the rest of her body.

"That's just how she is. It's not like you didn't make a thousand sex jokes about her yesterday." I said. After I did I noticed that she was in her underwear. She was still in the white tank top she wore during our game of truth or dare and in green boyshort panties that rid up and exposed one of her ass cheeks. "Speaking of sex jokes, did we-"

"My mouth tastes like booze and not your junk, there's nothing running down my leg, and I don't feel sticky so no. Also, your mother ever tell you it's rude to stare?" She said before fixing her panties and looking back at me over her shoulder. "And about what happened last night, I think you're alright and all, but that kiss was kind of a spur of the moment thing and didn't mean anything... and neither did the one after that... and the one after that I think."

"Yeah, I can't tell if there were multiple kisses or just a kiss that felt really long but I agree." I said getting up and walking past her and into the bathroom. I opened the medicine cabinet behind the mirror looking for a tooth brush. Tara peaked in after me. "I think it's for the best that we don't try to pursue each other romantically as well, considering the ghost and all. Honestly I wouldn't even call us friends again. That was also a mistake made by the alcohol consumption."

"Alcohol Consumption? You sound like a big nerd." Tara mocked me. "But we're in agreement then? Kiss wasn't shit? And sleeping in the same bed didn't matter either?"

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