Issue #43: Days Go By

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It's been 3 weeks since the conversation with Cleo, Tara, and Komi. A lot of things happened since then with various people.


She's finally learned some history about planet earth. We've mostly only done World War 1 up to 9/11. The plan is to go back to the Revolutionary War and more American stuff since she was confused about the American patriotism after the attacks. She's become obsessed with the 80's, fashion wise and she's repeatedly been humming "Like a Prayer" by Madonna and saying she can't wait for her next mission just so she can go out and find more of her music.

I'm starting to think Komi has a thing for girls too, or maybe humans, or maybe she's just pansexual in general considering she's an alien and she told me about how once she was married to a green slime alien thing, albeit against her will. She'll talk about how cute Tara is sometimes and one time while the three of us were talking she reached into Tara's shirt and groped one of her breasts. So yeah, that could be fun.

For some reason after everything Komi is still trying to make me jealous, but it's with people she obviously wouldn't choose over me. She wasn't joking about the whole flirting with people just so I'd fight with them thing. When this happened at lunch one time Cleo was confused on what she was doing, complaining about how she apparently got talked into this agreement for no reason before I told her it was just a thing she does and to just not give her any attention until she uses her words, which I did for the most part. However my last straw was when I went to see her while she was on laundry duty and she was sitting on a washing machine while Crazy Quilt kissed her hand. She tried her best to act like she liked it but winced every time his lips touched her skin. I pulled him off his knees by his shirt and punched him in the gut before pushing him into the wall and hitting him repeatedly with lefts and rights in the face before he slumped down unconscious.

"Fine, I'll bite. What do you want?" I asked her.

"How come you still haven't kissed me yet?" She asked with crossed arms.

"There's no way we haven't kissed at some point in the last three weeks."

"Eeeeeeh!" She mimicked a wrong buzzer sound. "Why else do you think I've been flirting with these assholes for the last week?"

"Alright, well wouldn't you want our first kiss to be in a little bit of a more romantic set up with more build up and more intimacy?"

"There's no way you're making excuses not to kiss me right now! You can be fucking unbelievable!" She started to go off. I turned around and faked beginning to walk away. "And you're just gonna walk!? God, why did I even agree to this fucking thing!? You obviously don't even fucking like me! I'm sorry I'm too pretty for you and you only like dirt covered weirdos but I'm the princess of Tamaran! I could get anyone I wanted in the galaxy! You're nothing more than- mpff!"I turned around and kissed her shutting her up as she immediately fell into it. She stayed still and suddenly the big bad queen of Tamaran was completely at my mercy. She leaned off the washing machine and her legs buckled as she hit the floor, completely melting from just my touch. I pulled back and she looked at me with half lidded eyes and a smile. "The most amazing kisser I've ever met in my life." She said before I walked away.

"Stop with that flirting with other guys shit! It's annoying!" I called out as I left. And as I did I heard a faint "Y-yes master!"

I knew it was a kink thing.

She's been a lot more friendlier in general now that I'm actually back and okay. Even making friends with


Selinda and Baran have been hanging out with us at lunch lately. Apparently Selinda and Komi hit it off one day while cleaning the library that I found out we had when looking for the word for misandry. Meanwhile Selinda and I got to know each other through her mopping outside my cell one day. Cleo was asleep and I was working on an idea for protective armor when she was mopping down block A. While she did I heard her sing a familiar song.

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