Issue #52: Ballroom Blitz

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Deadshot and Caitlin were distracted by the lightning bolts coming from the clear sky and the sounds of shotgun blast and... what sounded like the faint sounds of Captain Boomerang swearing while falling downhill.

"Spider, Quinn, what the hell is going on over there?" Deadshot asked. However, they were a bit distracted. Livewire had taken Black Spider up to the roof of Wayne Manor and started shooting multiple lightning bolts at him but he was now dodging them. He was able to graze her with bullets but every time he did she just teleported to the other side of him and began shooting again. Once the sixth bullet caught her in the shoulder she growled holding her sizzling wound. She then split up into multiple copies of herself and surrounded him.

"Dodge this you fucking fairy!" She said before shocking him on all sides.

. . .

Meanwhile Harley dodged two shots from The Joker's Daughter before kicking the shot gun out her hands and tackling TJD to the ground. Before she could land a few hits in, The Joker's Daughter quickly and seemingly pulled a switchblade out of nowhere and cut Harley's cheek while also cutting one of her pigtails in half. Joker's Daughter tried to then shove the knife right into Harley's throat but Harley backed up away from TJD. Harley dodged a few more swipes before elbowing TJD in the face. She landed another punch and another, but TJD started laughing just like him which caused her to stop and flinch. She remembered a time where she flipped out on him leaving her for dead and punched him multiple times, and how he laughed at her causing her to stop in confusion only for him to pull out an elongated pistol and shoot her in the stomach point blank, it was her first true near death experience at the hands of The Joker and the first time since becoming Harley Quinn she felt he was actually trying to kill her. But then she quickly snapped back to reality and saw TJD actually pulled out her own Smith and Wesson 617 aimed for her stomach point blank. She backflipped and kicked the gun to aim for the sky as TJD shot it. They stared at each other as TJD giggled.

"I have to say you have let me down but that's the story of your life isn't it? Disappointment."

"What do you know about my life? You're sick. And comin' from me that's sayin' something."

"I'm not sick. And I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve." Harley again flinched at the use of a Joker quote. For her, The Joker's Daughter felt like The Crimson Ghost. While fighting her she was also fighting the painful memories that were coming to the forefront every time TJD spoke, every time she laughed, every time she smiled. Her mannerisms were even perfect. It felt like every Livewire blast in the background made her switch between a girl wearing a decayed face and the clown Prince of crime himself. She was actually slightly panicked but had to keep telling her TJD was just a girl.

"Awwwwww Harls, don't cry! I'm only kidding around with you! We were just starting to have so much fun! I didn't mean to toy with you!" TJD said before tossing Harley her Joker plushie. Harley caught it and was frozen staring at the plushie, accidentally squeezing it and causing it to laugh. She then realized the plushie felt a little heavy and threw  it before it blew up in the sky. She looked back and caught a crowbar right to her chin. She could've swore she had a tooth knocked out and her vision was blurry but saw TJD winding up so she rolled out of the way and to her own duffel bag. She grabbed her mallet and met TJD's third swing with one of her own. The two struggled for control of the situation before both elbowed each other in the face. They both staggered before they both went in for a headbutt, causing both of them to fall on their asses. They then both fell on their backs before kipping up. TDJ started to giggle.

"Stop copying me!" Harley shouted.

"Stop copying me!" TDJ mockingly responded.

Meanwhile with Captain Boomerang

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