Issue #25: She Wants to Play With Fire

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"So long story short, Sidorov is extremely wary of us 'Tamaraneans' and we're on eggshells as we plan this guy's assassination? And you have to try to gain his trust before murdering him ten minutes later?" I asked Rick to reiterate. It was time for the ball and we were just about to leave.

"But the important thing is Dmitriev seems head over heels for ET."

"Yeah. Great." I said rolling my eyes.

"Don't get cold feet about this now because you're jealous."

"There's no possible way you're dumb enough to think I'm jealous of them. The amount of times I turned down Blackfire in the last twenty-four hours? Uncountable."

"Doesn't stop people from getting upset once they realize they can't have it anymore. Episode of Sopranos where one of the guys decide they don't wanna cheat on their wife once he gets shot, few episodes later he regrets it and tries to get with the girl again just to find out another one of the guys is bangin' her now."

"Didn't take you as a mafia guy, also didn't think you could afford HBO."

"I'll ignore that last comment. And I'm not, had a friend who watched it and would tell me about the episodes. Anyways let's go." Rick said before we left the building to go out to our car. I expected a limo but it was another fucking military truck with it's trunk open.

"Per request of her royal pain in my ass. She's gonna make a grandiose entrance and we gotta be there early to open her door." We looked over to our left and Tara was standing there smoking a cigarette and... at the risk of giving The Ghost any ideas she looked gorgeous. The red dress was simple but effective.

 The red dress was simple but effective

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"Don't stare at me like that." She ordered me, to which I decided to disobey and continue to stare.

"You look... never mind." I said now looking away from her because I felt like any of the compliments I thought about giving her were trigger words for The Crimson Ghost. Before I looked away, for a second, I could see her blush and she also looked away flustered.

"Thanks." She said but for some reason she said it in her voice that she used when she was manipulating the Titans. She cleared her throat afterwards and repeated the thanks in her "normal" voice. "You don't look like complete crap."

"I'll choose to believe that the thing that looks like crap is the suit and not me."

"Sure, believe that." She said with a smirk.

"Got another one on you?" I asked her.

"With what pockets, dumbass?"

"That's fair. Where'd you get it anyways?"

"Bummed it off of one of the guards. Beat him in an arm wrestling match for it."

"You really need anymore smoke in your system?" Rick asked. I looked back at Tara and noticed she wasn't wearing formal heels, but her boots with some of the water from melted snow being visible on top of the dirt and mud covered apparel.

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