Issue #48: Detroit and Only Halfway Thru the Tour

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I was up reading the files to the other members of the team I was less familiar with, using the moonlight turned sunlight as my light source. Waller had told me during the trip through a headpiece where to locate the suit case with files and Duela's mask. I was reading up more on Livewire's days as a radio jockey and even had an audiotape of an old broadcast featuring Leslie Willis herself. I listened to it as she ranked her personal Mount Rushmore of rock n roll and got into fights with various fans calling in. Her list involved Kiss, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and Jimi Hendrix. Notably, when asked about Elvis and The Beatles she got into a heated fight with the caller and shouted "I'M SORRY THAT I'M NOT ONE OF THE BABY EATING WACKOS FROM OTHER RADIO SHOWS THAT WILL SIT HERE AND LET YOU WORSHIP A FUCKING PEDOPHILE!" She apparently had to issue an apology for saying fuck and also calling Elvis a pedophile next broadcast. She apologized for saying the f word but refused to apologize about Elvis and was suspended for a month, her first of many. Honestly, she was really entertaining and funny from what I heard. If it was a YouTube livestream and not a radio show I feel like I could've watched and been a fan.

We were back on the road. Vertigo somehow ended up behind the wheel again.

"Hey, Firefuck. You've met him before, right? The Joker?" Jane asked Firefly.

"Yeah again, back when he started out. He kidnapped Black Mask and pretended to be him. Put out a hit on the Bat. I didn't care he wasn't Sionis, I just wanted revenge for these." Firefly showed his burns on his hand off. "Getting paid for it by the clown was just a bonus."

"What was he like? In person?" Duela asked. She leaned forward interested in the conversation.

"He's not nearly as creepy as people make him out to be. First thing I saw him do was push some nobody out a window. Electric-Killer or something stupid like th- KAFF KAFF that. He'd already been on the news for poisoning the city water supply a couple months before at that point. He didn't really scare me. I knew if I cared enough I could kill him."

"So you're going into this awfully confident, aren't you?" Livewire asked.

"I didn't say that. This was years ago when he was still a nobody. I thought his name was The Jokester that whole night even though I only called him 'clown' when I talked to him. Now he's got an army and an ominous weapon of mass destruction."

"What about you Livewire? You knew Harley before Belle Reeve. You ever meet him?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I ain't like MothMan here, though. I'll admit he kinda got under my skin. He wanted to put an end to the ladies night we were having with Poison Ivy. He starts off acting like a total clown and slowly gets more threatening the longer the conversation on. What got me was at the beginning when he shook my hand, he had a joy buzzer on and he shocked me. He shocked me! I felt like I was actually shocked! I could only imagine what that would feel like to someone not made out of 85% electricity. And what about you? Actually, before we even get into if you met Joker or not, who are you? Are you even in the alphabet when it comes to A-Lister, B-Lister, etcetera? You've got about as much rep as Maxie Zeus but you're team leader? What gives?"

"It's must be something to do with that I.9.K thing Joker has. He seemed very knowledgeable about it. What have you done to end up in Belle Reeve, child?" Copperhead asked me.

"I guess the short story is I killed The Scarecrow." I shrugged. Everyone looked at me shocked except Cleo who already knew, Jane who probably didn't know who Scarecrow was, and Duela for some reason I couldn't figure out.

"Scarecrow's dead? You killed him?" Vertigo asked.

"Cut his head off, yeah. And I fed one of my classmates to some rabid dogs, convinced another person who was afraid of computers taking over the world he was playing against an AI that then blew up his house among other acts." These details caught Jane off guard.

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