Issue #14: Kill All Your Friends

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Terra woke up extremely groggy on the couch in the main room of the cabin.

"Good, you're awake. Didn't know how long you'd be out." I said handing her a cup of hot coco. She was still looking down and holding her head in confusion.

"What, wanted me to be awake before you offed me so you could enjoy the look in my eyes like with Blackguard?" She asked. And then she looked down to realize she was no longer in the bathrobe but the dress I picked out instead. "Okay you're a really sick fuck!"

"Don't insult me. Blackfire put you in the dress and neither Rick or I got a look. Also I kill based on proficiency, it's the other one who kills based on sadistic bloodlust." I said. "Besides, why would I kill you and offer you hot chocolate?" I asked. She looked up and realized I was holding a mug in front of her.

"...Because you're all sorts of fucked up in the head. Also you put poison in that." I rolled my eyes and took a sip in front of her. "...It's a special Poison you're immune to."

"If you don't want it don't have it." I said putting it down on the table in front of her. "But you're right I am fucked in the head. We found directions to the nearest city. It's about a ninety minute walk so not too awful. Rick and Blackfire are on the way already, Blackfire blew up the rock we were using as a door."

"You're saying that like I'm still on the team."

"Do you still have a bomb in your head?"

"Can't really tell but pretty sure."

"Then you're still on the team."

"Really? Even after I tried to kill you?"

"Rick says every mission involves at least three murder attempts in the team. We're up to two so can't wait to see the third one."

"Can you stop with the pretending to be friends thing? We're not friends. I see through the nice guy act."

"...How fucked up was your childhood to think I've been nice to you?" I asked her thinking about the constant undermining, downtalking, and bringing up her fears. She looked at me with a glint of anger in her eyes and as soon as I saw the slightest tint of yellow I outstretched my arm forward and my scythe flew away from the wall and into my hand with the tip just slightly touching her neck. "If I see so much as a pebble fly this goes in the nano-Bomb sized scar in the back of your head." I threatened. She heeded the warning and her eyes went back to normal.

"I told you to stop exploiting my trauma." She said through gritted teeth. I raised an eyebrow.

"Did I?"

"Don't play dumb, jackass. 'How fucked up was your childhood'? That was a direct call out to my actual childhood."

"No it wasn't. All I know is that your family betrayed you not that your whole life has been fucked. Although, it must've been in order for you to trust a 60 something year old assassin with one eye." I said. She was getting angry again so I pulled a little forward to remind her where the scythe was. She flinched before once more gritting her teeth.

"And how would you know about that, exactly?"

"I saw the moment that spawned your fear of being buried alive as well as your fear of tight spaces. All I know is you were in an underground cave and trying to kill the Titans and 'Slade', rambling about how everyone you've ever been around has stabbed you in your back, and in your own stupid rage, you caused the place to collapse while the Titans escaped, Slade was crushed and you were buried alive for who knows how long. All this talk about your past relationships is actually interesting, though. Care to elaborate?"

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